Amazon is, without a doubt, the biggest eCommerce platform of all times. The number of successful trading deals here reaches an unbelievable number, and millions of potential customers visit the platform daily.

With all this success, Amazon still keeps adding new functionality and features to the pages of the website. Along with that, new offers, special discounts, and new opportunities appear for both former customers and for people who come to Amazon for the very first time.

In this article, we will discuss another opportunity front-runner Amazon offers us. Add-on item in Amazon is a well-known and popular feature. However, it may be unfamiliar to many consumers, which creates some disadvantages for all 3 parts of the deal. In this article, we will answer some of the following common questions:

  • What is an add-on Item for Amazon?
  • What advantages may hide behind it?
  • How to add-on items work on Amazon?
  • Why do sellers hate this feature?

Let us start with an introduction to the topic.

What Is an Amazon Add-on Item

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and DisadvantagesSome customers have no idea about the add-on item Amazon meaning and how to use it. So here are a few introductory words to simplify understanding.

An add-on Item is a product you can buy at a lower cost if it is purchased along with an order value of $25 or more. In some cases, the add-on item may even be free. For example, if you buy some household items with a total price of $30, this provides you with the opportunity to choose the add-on products and buy them at a lesser price. At the same time, if you need a product from the list of add-on items, you cannot get it if the total of your purchase is lower than the defined price.

Some details to be aware of:

  • You cannot buy an add-on item if you are paying with a gift card.
  • Add-on products are eligible for free shipping.
  • Prime Members can use the Prime Shipping offer for the add on items.
  • This type of goods for sale is available for Subscribe and Save features.

The feature has influence on the whole platform.

The Benefits of Add-on Item for Amazon

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and DisadvantagesLet’s analyze the cornerstones of the decision to implement Amazon add-on items.

Have you ever been faced with a situation when you couldn’t buy a single toothbrush on Amazon, only a set of 100 items? This is quite a common situation. The customer may not need bulk products at the moment, but it is convenient for the retailer to sell and ship many products at once.

At the same time, there are many types of small, light products for sale. It is obviously not cost-effective to ship those cheap and small items, as the cost of shipping may turn out even higher than the product cost itself.

This was the reason Amazon decided to initiate the process and get rid of potential issues.

How to Buy an Add-on Item from Amazon

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and DisadvantagesThis feature is rather easy to overlook. From time to time, some online shoppers are unable to figure out how to find add on items on Amazon. This is how it goes:

  1. You can see a special Add-on Item logo right next to every product available for the purchase.
  2. You have to place an order totaling over $25 to be allowed to buy an add-on item.
  3. The address the products will be shipped to must be the same for both the ordered products and the chosen add-on item.
  4. If the overall price of the products you have added to the cart is lower than $25, your chosen add-on item will not be added to your order; it will be saved for a future purchase.
  5. After the order is approved, you just wait for your products to be delivered.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it, anyone can order add-on items from Amazon.

The Specifics of Add-on Item from Amazon

As we mentioned above, one of our goals is to highlight both advantages and disadvantages of this strategy for the consumer, retailer, and the Amazon platform.

Consumer’s Point of View

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and Disadvantages

We can say with confidence that this feature is the most cost effective for the customers. Add-on products provide them with the possibility to get an item for a lower price, or enjoy the benefits of free shipping. A product from the list of add-on items can augment every purchase, be useful and a pleasant surprise. Besides that, add-on items may even remind the customers of some items they forgot to add to the cart.

On the other hand, if a customer needs the add-on item ONLY, the requirement to spend the initial $25 creates complications. In many cases, the customer simply leaves the website without buying anything.

Seller’s Opinion

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and DisadvantagesThe add-on items feature gives the FBA sellers an extra opportunity to sell their cheap products. However, it has some disadvantages for sellers as well. You can never be sure that the customer will pick your add-on product instead of someone else’s to complete the same purchase.

Additionally, Amazon selects the add-on items automatically. So if the platform decides some products need to join the list of add-on items, you have no choice but to comply; sell them at lower prices, or deliver for free. In some cases, the retailer cannot even understand if the products have been listed as add-on items or not.

What Does This Feature Mean for Amazon?

Add On Item For Amazon: Introduction, Specifics and DisadvantagesThis feature is important for Amazon for the reasons listed above. They aim to cater to the customer, and all in all, the task was fulfilled.

At the same time, Amazon did a disservice to their Prime program customers. Those people used to be able to buy some products with benefits. Now, they cannot. This is the reason for many complaints that both merchants and Amazon specialists need to solve.


Add-on items extended the Amazon catalogue with new products that were not previously considered as profitable due to their small size, weight or price. This allows customers to get something they need, and the retailer to sell more of the products that were unpopular for a long time.

Additionally, it creates some inconveniences for the retailer. Fortunately, you arrived at the right website at the right moment.

AMZ-Expert can help you with any issues with the Amazon platform. In case you need to dive deeper into the Amazon add-on items meaning, remove the Add-on tag from your products, solve a conflict with Amazon, or take care of any other issue concerning this topic, we are here to provide you with professional services. Contact us today and watch your online business grow tomorrow!

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