In 2017, Amazon was hit by hackers and over 2.6 billion emails and passwords were stolen. Even though the security measures had been sufficiently improved since then, there are still some ways that hackers can get an access to a seller’s account and mess everything up there.

The “easiest” way is to get your account details through an email box. Hackers can infect your computer with malware software and steal your login credentials. You can also be mislead and enter your login and password on a fake “Amazon” website. It’s important to understand if your Amazon seller account was hacked or your personal information was stolen.

With that being said, let’s highlight symptoms of a hacker attack. We will cover 6 tips that should help you bring your account back on track.

Symptoms Of Your Amazon Account Being Hacked

Amazon Account Hacked: 6 Things to Do Right NowAfter the data leak in 2017, Amazon security measures were significantly improved. That means now the only way that hackers can access your account is by using your personal information. It’s a lot easier for frauds to break into your computer or email than to deal with Amazon itself.

Has my Amazon account been hacked? How can I find this out?” – in most cases, there are visual indicators that let you know about an attack. Here are 4 symptoms of an Amazon account being hacked.

Unable to Log in to an Account

It’s one of the most common problems. Every time you try to type your login details you get “Wrong email/Password” even though you didn’t make any changes to your login or password before that. This may indicate that your Amazon account was stolen and hackers have changed your password.

Personal Account Data Was Changed

Even being able to log in to the account doesn’t necessarily mean everything is alright. Check all your personal information, e.g. credit cards details, billing and shipping addresses, linked email and phone number, etc.

The worst case scenario is when somebody tries to change your bank information. It happened a few times when authorized sellers tried to cash their profits out and didn’t receive any money. Turns out their bank info was changed and all funds went to an unknown credit card. Check your personal information on a regular basis to avoid any unexpected issues.

Customers Complain About Suspicious Actions on Your Account

You may get a negative feedback from customers. It can be about fraud deals on your end and products your customers didn’t receive. Now, this is when things get real. Amazon cares about safe shopping and customer security. Hackers may vanish with your money but your Amazon account will be compromised.

Unknown Products or Deals

If you notice unknown offers or products on your catalog it probably means you’ve been hacked. It’s also important to track your deals and shipments. A clear sign of a fraud attack is deals and shipments you don’t remember anything about. Some of them may be illegal and can make a platform ban your store.

Amazon Account Is Hacked: How to Protect Yourself

Amazon Account Hacked: 6 Things to Do Right Now

If you’re asking yourself “My Amazon account was hacked! What should I do?” don’t panic. We will go through some basic actions that should help you recover an account.


Change Your Password As Soon As Possible

If your password had been compromised, change it right away. Click “Forgot your password?” on Amazon sign in page and type your email or phone number. After that follow instructions to recover your password. But what if your email address was hacked too?

Google, for example, offers different options when it comes to email account access recovery. Following simple procedure you will be able to get access to your email inbox and thus change the Amazon store password.

Contact Amazon

Contact Amazon’s security department and explain the situation. It’s necessary to cancel any ongoing deals and refund all payments which came from the deals you didn’t make.

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If your funds have been stolen Amazon support can help you get them back. By contacting Amazon support team right after a fraud attack you will significantly reduce the chance of your account being banned. Avoid the ban, restore your account and you’re free to use all Amazon services again.

“Freeze” Your Account

If your Amazon Prime account was hacked, we suggest to “freeze” it. Send the account “on vacation” to prevent any malicious actions. You can turn this feature on in the Settings/Account Info section. Select “Going on a vacation?” to activate that feature until things calm down. Make sure you change your password both on the Amazon account and email address before doing that so hackers can’t bring your account back live.

Activate 2-Step Authentication

This protection measure will help to get your account back even when login details were compromised. After the standard authentication procedure, you’ll also need to verify your login attempt via SMS code. Those users who have this feature enabled can’t be hacked as easy as their less protected colleagues. Due to this feature, to hack your account frauds will have to steal your phone too which comes really hard task to do. Since June 30, 2017, 2-Step Verification is available and a must for every Seller Central user.

Confirm All Your Account Details

Check carefully if any personal data like credit card info, billing and shipping addresses, phone number or email was changed. For example, if you have 2-Step Authentication activated and somehow frauds got into your account, they may replace a linked phone number and you may lose your account. So pay attention to that.

Try to Find Out What Actually Happened

Find the source of the problem. Scan your computer for viruses or malware, search through your system to detect suspicious or unknown programs that are able to steal your personal information. Also, go through your email folders: inbox, spam, etc. Hackers can also infect your computer with malware, which you can only trace using special software or with help from competent specialists.

Final Thoughts

Amazon account hacks are a serious digital deal where fast reaction means everything. A stolen account can lead to financial losses, personal information leaks, malicious transactions, claims for faulty products, reputational risks and even result in an account being banned. Hacking is a danger to your online store.

If you face any issues with Amazon – we are here to help you. At Amz-Expert we know what to do if your account was hacked and how to manage other aspects when working with Amazon. Contact us so we can develop a strategy that will fit your needs.

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