Started as an online bookseller in 1990’s, Amazon has now changed the retail landscape. From buying goods on physical stores, almost 2 million people are visiting Amazon monthly to do their online shopping.

Catering a very huge market, Amazon Marketplace ensures all their buyers get the best service and experience possible. With this regard, Amazon is keeping an eye on each and every seller to maintain the efficiency and competitiveness of the platform.

And for those sellers who are somehow violating the rules and guidelines of Amazon can get their Amazon account suspended.

Amazon Seller Account Suspended: Main Reasons

Amazon marketplace has become a great platform for small entrepreneurs and businesses to reach out to over millions of monthly buyers. As a result, they got the chance to sell and make money for a living.

However, some sellers wake up one day with their Amazon account suspended. This could be really stressful and frustrating especially that your reputation as a seller and your livelihood are all at stake at the moment.

If this happens, it’s best to dig deeper into the reasons why Amazon removed your privileges to sell. Read the emails they sent you and you’ll surely find the answer in there.

1. You have a Poor Performance

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent SuspensionAmazon has created strict standards every seller should comply and follow. If they found out that you have a mediocre performance selling on their platform then your account will automatically get suspended.

Anyone who tries to damage their reputation, by having poor performance, is given limited chance to sell to their large customer base. Amazon performance target is measured with three metrics.

A. Order Defect Rate

Order defect rate or ODR happens when the buyer leaves a negative feedback or a low star rating to your products. This just implied that the items you have delivered is either mediocre in quality or is a counterfeit.

High A-to-Z claims and credit card chargeback also means poor seller performance.

Keep your ODR at less than 1% to avoid suspension of your Amazon account.

B. Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate

A high pre-fulfillment cancellation rate just means you have a poor inventory management. Make sure you have enough stocks available so your customers won’t be waiting long. Moreover, ship the items as soon as possible. Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of an order, which is not healthy for your account.

To avoid suspension of your Amazon account, keep your cancellation rate less than 2.5%

C. Late Shipping Rate

Late shipments lead to dissatisfied customers so ensure orders are shipped on time. Moreover, must be tracked accordingly so your buyers would know where the parcel is.

Having the tracking numbers available will help you check on delayed shipments. Therefore, you can update your customers in case this happens.

Maintain your late shipment rate at 4% or less so you won’t get suspended by Amazon.

2. You have Violated Amazon Selling Policies

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent SuspensionAmazon has laid down their terms and service before you can completely sign in and sell on the market. This is to ensure you will provide a safe and satisfactory experience to their customers.

In most cases, sellers don’t read the rules. But since you tick on the box and agreed on their Amazon community rules then it is no brainer you should follow them.

Failure to abide with the terms of service means you have violated their rules and this may result to the suspension of your selling account.

3. You have Violated Amazon Restricted Products

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent Suspension

Amazon has a list of prohibited and restricted products to sell in their marketplace. Selling those items may lead to the suspension of your account. Therefore, it’s better not to try.

For restricted items, follow the Amazon ungated procedure and get a pre-approval from Amazon if you want to start selling those products.

Protect your Amazon seller account by following and considering Amazon rules. Because if you ignore and disobey the guidelines, your account can get deactivated and suspended without you knowing.

How to Prevent Your Account Being Suspended?

If your account got banned and suspended, don’t panic. Find out what causes the suspension and resolve the issue as soon as you can. There’s no exact way to successfully restore your account. But there are tips you can follow to make the reinstatement as easy as possible.

Follow below steps on how to open Amazon Account after suspension and to successfully reinstate your selling account.

1. Know your Violation

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent SuspensionYou won’t resolve the issue unless you know the main reason for it. First and foremost, understand which rules have your broke. Go to the Seller Central and find your Performance notification, where you can get access to your local suspension notice.

You can also check the emails you’ve got from Amazon to understand the exact violation that causes your suspension.

2. Know Which Rule You Broke

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent Suspension

It’s not enough you know what causes the suspension. Find out how did it happen. Look at your metrics including you performance, inventory, cancellation, and shipment rate. This way you would know what exactly to do to resolve the problem.

3. Prepare an Effective Plan of Action

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent SuspensionNow that you know what provoked the suspension, it’s now time to create a plan of action. Writing an efficient plant of action will help you activate your Amazon account so you can start making sales again.

Your plan of action should be detailed and concise with a special focus on how you will resolve the same issue in the future. This will help in getting your seller account reinstated. Detailed your plans to become a better seller and communicate your ideas precisely so Amazon staff would know.

Be professional and genuine when writing your appeal. Don’t express frustration instead show eagerness and commitment in getting your account unbanned.

4. Submit Your Appeal

Amazon Account Suspended: What to Do and Tips to Prevent SuspensionOnce you’re done with your plan of action, submit your letter of amazon account suspended appeal to the Seller Performance Team. Go to your Performance Notification and look for the suspension notice Amazon sent you. Click on the Appeal Button to send your plan of action.

Amazon usually responds via email but there’s no specific time frame on how long they will reply to your appeal. But if they do, they will only come up with tow final decisions whether to lift your suspension or totally ban your account.

There’s no sure way to reinstate your Amazon account but if you want to get your account live and working again then you have to give a serious thought in writing your plan of action.

Write an action plan and state how you’ll resolve the issue. Keep it simple, precise, yet strategic so Amazon would know you are serious about making business with them. Take note of the following when writing your plan of action.

  1. Stay professional and own your mistake. Don’t be sarcastic. And never blame others, either Amazon or your customers, for the problem.
  2. Since you know what causes the suspension, detail your plans so you won’t get into the same trouble in the future. Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. Make it easy for Amazon to read your email.
  3. Specify how the violation happened. It just a way of saying you have acknowledged the mistakes.
  4. Show Amazon that you’re willing to invest in improving your services and you are willing to pay to offer better customer service if necessary.
  5. If issues arise from late shipments, state that you are considering Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA as a strategy to minimize delivery and shipment issues. This plan is proven favorable for Amazon.

Take note of the above steps. While you can send out multiple appeals, the chances of getting your account restored lies in your first plan of action. So, take it seriously.

If Amazon brings back your privilege to sell and accept payments then take extra cautious not to violate any of Amazon’s rules and regulations again. Because if you do, Amazon won’t give you another chance.

On the other hand, if Amazon decides to completely suspend your account from selling then you have nothing to do but to accept your fate. As the old adage says, learn from your experience.

If you want to make real business in Amazon and stay in there for long, strictly follow Amazon guideline. And ensure you deliver exceptional service to your customers.

If the worst case happens and you don’t know what to do if your Amazon account is suspended, don’t worry. You can work with a professional to help you reinstate your Amazon account. will help get your Amazon account working so you could start selling again. We are experts in restoring suspended accounts and have vast experience in providing a solution to Amazon related problems. Send us a message and we will help you reinstate your Amazon account.

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