Whom will you trust more: a seller about whom there are no customer calls or someone whose reputation is supported by the evidence of grateful buyers? Suppose, to the second one! And you are not alone. All the customers are looking for Amazon buyer feedback to figure out the reputation of the seller that they are interested in shopping.

The magic of the feedback is undeniable: public opinion is a powerful engine that can both lift you on top or throw off a cliff. And to trade with comfort and get profit without proficient operating with your buyer’s opinions on your service is merely the mission impossible! So let’s start thinking about how to get brilliant feedback to reach success. Don’t worry. We’ll help you to comprehend the ideas for that.

And to begin with, let’s get through what the seller feedback on Amazon is, and what is the difference between it and customer’s reviews?


Feedbacks VS Reviews on Amazon

To begin with, let us mention that Amazon is one of the real giants of world trading. And its impact on the global market is not a surprise. Besides, almost every seller who is interested in the New World’s market promotion starts his business in that marketplace.

To provide excellent service on that platform, its owners prescribe strict rules to the vendors. And year by year, these rules become even tighter to discourage fraudsters and unreliable sellers from fake reviews and feedbacks. So it is necessary to play the game not to be blocked.

To learn more about how to start your business on Amazon, and how to register as a seller on this marketplace, read our guide to action.

On Amazon, two tools are used to determine a seller’s rating by which customers can express their opinions:

  • Review – this is a customer opinion about the quality of goods, their characteristics, and benefits. Written reviews help other customers understand whether they need this particular product, or whether they should look for something else.
  • Feedback is an entirely different matter. They are necessary for both sellers and buyers to understand what service a particular seller provides, how quickly orders are sent, and whether the goods correspond to the description offered by the seller.
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In short: reviews talk about the product, feedbacks about the seller.

Amazon Feedback Service: FAQ about It

Q: What information is essential for the seller in feedback, you may ask?

A: Almost everything is of great importance due to the fact that each feedback is your main tool to communicate with the customer and to improve your service. But not only that matters!

Imagine what will be if there are no feedbacks at all: no one will know you are a reliable and bonafide vendor in that case! Feedbacks are forming your reputation in your potential client’s eyes. And on the contrary – it is the mode of influence on your competitors if you have positive feedbacks, and they do not.

Q: Is it possible to use some technologies to appeal to my customers? 

A: Yes, it is quite possible, and we’ll be chatting about them further in that article.

Q: What if I get negative feedback?

A: The first you need to remember is that negative feedback is not always a real smash. We’ll prove it and give you some tips about how to overcome it.

Amazon Seller Feedback Examples: How Do They Work?

To understand all the mighty power of Amazon’s sellers’ feedbacks, look at the picture below. We have some Amazon seller’s feedback examples for you.

Here you can see the perfect seller’s reputation, and in the right corner, that is a statistics of feedbacks that shows the brilliant picture and confirms that the seller is a bona fide one, and his service’ level is right.

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On the contrary, if you look at the next one, you’ll see that negative feedbacks portray the mistakes the customer has.

If the number of negative feedbacks is considerable, it will lead to the seller’s account block or listing block that is hard to abolish then. This fact was taken into service by some sellers who provide lousy publicity to their competitors with the help of fake feedbacks.

Amazon Feedback Request via E-mail

The best way to provide positive feedback is to play a game and ask your real clients for their feedback. You can do it manually, sending your request for Amazon feedback via e-mail to each customer. Also, the service itself proposes to the customer to post their feedback after the deal is completed and the order was delivered.

But you can also use some technologies to streamline and speed up your interaction with your clients.

  • Use exclusive Amazon seller’s feedback apps to react momentarily on every case.
  • Provide some promo campaigns to make users interested in your products. Some vendors offer gifts for positive feedbacks – the way to gain positive opinions. But nowadays, Amazon prohibits mass stocks of that kind. So be careful and use them limitedly.

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

But if you already have some negative feedbacks and want to improve the situation, what to do in that case? You can make Amazon feedback removal requests, and in some cases, the service will remove them. It causes such a situation as:

  • Feedbacks with a negative connotation to the vendor’s person and abusive ones.
  • Those that are describing the product lacks not the seller’s work.
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But the best way for Amazon seller asking to remove feedback is to contact the dissatisfied customer and try to make him happy with your answer and politeness.

There are also some Amazon seller feedback removal guidelines to do that:

  • Do not hurry if you get feedback with a negative opinion. Read it twice and think about it for some time. 
  • If the claims of the customer are fair – then it’s time to apologize and to improve the situation. Write him a letter with your regrets concerning your work and ask for one more chance. 
  • Be aware of the terms when the client can edit seller feedback on Amazon – you have only two months to ask for that.

And also, you can make the percentage of negative feedbacks insignificant. How to perform that? We’ll help you with that case. Just contact us for our service, and you’ll get truthful and honest feedbacks generated by our team. It won’t be any fake – we’ll analyze your merits and point them out to other customers to make your business on Amazon profitable and prospective.

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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