If you are a seller on Amazon, you may one day wake up to an email from the Amazon Seller Performance Team with a notification that your account has been suspended. This can happen due to a number of reasons that can be grounds for seller account suspension.

If your buyer stated that your product was not as advertised Amazon, you should be very persistent to make sure this doesn’t happen again. As experience has shown, the Not as Advertised claim is among the toughest ones to appeal. As such, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for what to do in case your account is suspended due to a Not as Advertised complaint and how to prevent such situations from occurring again.


How to Appeal to “Not as Advertised” Complaints on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide

So, your account got suspended and you have received an email from the Amazon Seller Performance Team with a request to send them a plan with the information regarding the issue that caused the complaint, including what you have done about it so far and how you are going to prevent these issues from recurring in the future.

You need to send this plan within ten days. If Amazon determines that you were not acting in good faith (including not responding in time), your account may end up terminated.

It is never easy to deal with account suspensions, so we have prepared a detailed guide on how to write an appeal that will help you win the Amazon product Not as Advertised process.

Step 1. Checking The Product Page To Pinpoint The Issue

First thing’s first: you need to do a small investigation and uncover the main issue that caused the complaint in the first place. If you received a “Not as Advertised” complaint, the item the buyer received did not match with the information on the product page, at least not in their opinion. You’ll need to take a closer look at:

  • The ASIN and UPC codes of the item complained about. Compare them to what you have in stock, what the buyer wanted and/or what he or she returned to you.
  • The information on the product page and whether it matches the real product. Pay attention to the picture, title and subtitle, color, format, manufacturer or publisher, etc.
  • The bullet points to see if there are any special conditions that weren’t met, such as being delivered with certain supplementary items or in a gift box, etc. Also, check what warranty you offer.
  • Product details such as size and dimensions, weight, compatibility, etc.
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If you find something on the product page that doesn’t match the item’s specifications, you need to understand how to deal with an Amazon return item that is not as advertised. For instance, the item the buyer complained about could be a defective one. If this is the case, you need to find out why the defect occurred, in the first place.

On the other hand, your product page may end up missing some considerable details that are important for buyers, so you should add them here. Or, some sellers just straight out lie to their buyers about products, which we strongly recommend you avoid at all costs.

Step 2. Checking The Item Itself To Pinpoint The Issue

We also advise that you check your inventory and see whether the units in your stock match the way you advertise them. You can do this yourself or ask Amazon to do it for you, depending on where it is stored. This can help you estimate whether it is a systemic issue and whether such complaints will happen again.

Checking the sales history for the item can help you find out whether there have been complaints about this item in the past. If this is the case, consider withdrawing the listing for this item.

Encourage the customer to return product Not as Advertised Amazon and check the item yourself. You can then see for yourself what the reason for the complaint is; besides, it may happen that the item is not even from your stock.

Step 3. Analyzing How to Prevent “Not as Advertised” Complaints

Amazon wants you to tell them what you are going to do to avoid such issues to make sure you are reliable enough to be a seller. So, once you have figured out what caused the complaint, you need to come up with an action plan to avoid this scenario.

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As we have mentioned above, if the item is problematic, you should consider withdrawing your listing for it; however, this is not a comprehensive solution, so you should take into account the following tips in two main categories:

1. Providing Correct Information

  • Always make sure the listing matches the product and all the important details are added when creating a new listing.
  • Add the information that customers often ask about within the listing.
  • Create a new listing for every new item, don’t try to promote it using the existing listing.
  • Make sure you provide clear information regarding your return and refund conditions both on your product page and inside every package delivered to the customer.
  • Assign someone on your staff to double-check the listings.

2. Quality Assurance

  • Check your inventory regularly to get rid of any defective items.
  • Label your inventory to make sure that customers don’t file a complaint against you by mistake.
  • If the issue is regarding some items being defective or of low quality, discuss how this can be resolved with your supplier to make sure that the delivered product not as advertised on Amazon error won’t occur.
  • Consider changing your supplier if problems occur due to low quality of items, especially if the supplier hasn’t done anything to improve the quality of the items.
  • Check the Return Report regularly to keep your hand on the pulse of what items are returned as “Not as Advertised” and why.
  • Check the items before they are sent to the Amazon warehouse.
  • Hire or assign staff responsible for quality assurance.

Surely, this list is far from final, so make sure you discuss how to prevent such issues with your team or, if you are a solo entrepreneur, with someone who is an experienced Amazon seller. You can brainstorm more ways to ensure your account won’t get suspended ever again.

Step 4. Writing The Appeal

Now, it’s time to put everything you have done during the first three steps into a plan and send it to the Amazon Seller Performance Team. Your plan should consist of three sections:

  • The first includes what went wrong and caused the complaint in the first place. Here, you can write about your research and its results to prove that you have a clear understanding of what happened and why.
  • The second is what you have done so far regarding this issue. Here, you should describe everything you have done, e.g.: researched the issue, discussed it with the supplier, assigned one more person to the QA department, etc.
  • The third and final section should include your action plan for preventing such issues from happening again. Here, you should describe what actions you are going to take and how they are going to help you avoid issues in the future.
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Your choice of words is very important here, so here are some tips:

  • Quantify: use specific time frames instead of just saying “as soon as possible” and specific numbers instead of “many” or “few”;
  • Be specific and describe everything in detail: don’t use vague phrases like “we have done everything we could”;
  • Reference specific Amazon policies in your appeal (e.g. the Amazon returns policy if item is not as advertised).

The Bottom Line

If your seller account has been suspended, this is no joke: you should invest your time and efforts into solving the issue and making sure it won’t happen again. In order to do this, check your listings and items carefully, think through the actions you can take to prevent such issues in the future, and write a detailed appeal. Keep in mind that you may need to write a second appeal if the Seller Performance Team lacks certain details in your first attempt at resolving the issue.

Is your head spinning from all the peculiarities of this process? Reach out to the AMZ-Expert team and let us save your time and energy by guiding you through the appeal!

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