Scholarship for College and High School Students 2018

AMZ-Expert AMZ Student Scholarship Program 2018

It’s the time to get the chance!

Are you planning to enter college in 2018 – or to continue with a course on which you’ve already embarked? If so, you may be eligible to apply for the AMZ Student Scholarship Program 2018, which could lighten the financial load of college study with a $1000 award. The application is open to undergraduate US citizens – either currently enrolled in academic programs which will continue in the 2018-1019 academic year, or who intend to enroll in such a program commencing in fall of 2018.
These awards are open to students in any discipline, on an accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university course. If you are still a high school American student looking to find a grant for high school students, the AMZ Student Scholarships Program can help you out with additional money for your college studies. The application process for this scholarships program for college is easy and transparent, enabling applicants to find grants.

Scholarship for College and High School Students 2018AMZ is the go-to source for textbooks and equipment for every USA student.

We’d like you to tell us why. Write us an essay about AMZ and its business, and what it means to you – its various trade models and the benefits end-users get from buying at Amazon. This could be a route to a grant for high school seniors if you apply for the scholarship today. The format of the essay is up to you – whatever helps to highlight the reasons choose Amazon. You could look at pricing policy, distribution networks and coverage, exceptional product range, accelerated delivery, sales support, flexible payment methods… or perhaps other compelling reasons why huge numbers of customers buy from Amazon every year. And remember – the Amazon business model is now supplying many more products than books!
Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the AMZ-Expert board, whose criteria will be creative and interesting responses, alongside finding the expected levels of clarity and developed thought.

Scholarship for College and High School Students 2018
Who can apply?
  • You must be a US citizen studying in the USA.
  • AMZ Student Scholarship applicants should be undergraduate students on full-time courses which either commence or continue from fall 2018. Courses may be in any discipline, at an accredited not-for-profit college or university;
  • High school seniors can apply in advance of entering college this year – juniors, too, should keep this program in mind;
How to apply for a scholarship:

You should send your finished essay by applying on our website, where we will also ask you to give brief details about yourself and your studies.

Deadline for applications:

Your application must reach us on or before December 15, 2018.

Scholarship for College and High School Students 2018How will applications be reviewed?

Applications will be reviewed by the AMZ-Expert board. Usual college standards of presentation are expected – the ability to organize your thoughts in a clear, literate and interesting way. The judge’s decision is final.

Award Value:

AMZ-Expert will be presenting awards valued at $1000 US dollars. Successful applicants may receive the funds in a bank account or through Paypal. You can get the scholarship for college through this route. High school seniors, high school students, and currently-enrolled graduate students are encouraged to apply.

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