Messengers are firmly entrenched in the life of society. And this became the basis for using instant messengers as a channel for sales and customer interaction. The main advantages of messengers usage in a marketing strategy are the relatively unfettered environment of competitors, a high percentage of “open” messages in instant messengers, and the ability to automate the enormous amount of processes. For the implementation of the last paragraph (automation), you can use chatbots. They have become very popular on the Amazon platform. Today, any successful company either already has a chatbot, or begins to plan its creation, since chatbots provide many advantages for the seller. 

In this article, we will discuss the main advantages and features of a chatbot for Amazon, and how can you buy turnkey chatbot from our trusted service.

What exactly is hidden under the term “chatbot”?

Chatbot – the unique program, which is built into the messenger, mobile application, or chat, and automatically sends messages to the user, based on the specified algorithms. The chatbot market appeared just five years ago, although the term itself has been around for quite some time. Active development began in 2016, when Facebook provided third-party developers with an opportunity to create bots in their ecosystem.

Chatbot as a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business on Amazon

Chatbots redraw the landscape of the IT ecosystem. They can replace both applications and service personnel in companies, and even entire operating systems. Chat-bot is an interlocutor program that is designed to communicate and help people. At the same time, at the other end is always a complex system based on several AI technologies. Chatbots can be focused on business tasks, can choose the best flight, diet, fitness training, book a hotel, choose a purchase; that is, they represent a new sub-branch of service and assistance.

The functionality of chatbots – for which purposes are they made.

The functionality of chatbots is extensive. This system’s capabilities can be compared with the capability of various applications and extensions created for the convenience, entertainment, and user experience. A similar situation is with chatbots – for different purposes, there are many functions of chatbots.
Let`s dive together into the useful features of chatbots for business, especially in Amazon seller field:

1. Collection of a new customer base and segmentation of the stages of the sales funnel:

  • Gives checklists, guides in exchange for email;
  • uploads data to CRM,
  • segments the base according to the degree of interest.
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2. Customer Technical Support:

  • answers typical frequently asked questions (FAQs) of users;
  • helps in choosing a service/product;
  • places an order and offers to pay;
  • conducts bank payments.

 3. Communication with the target audience:

  • sends out news, useful content;
  • engages in dialogue and studies the preferences of Central Asia
  • notifies of promotions and special offers.

4. Support for the quality of service;

  • reminds of essential events;
  • accompanies in the process of using products;
  • receives feedback on the quality of products/services;
  • gives “Thanks” for the completion of cooperation.

What are the main benefits of the chatbot for E-Commerce, in particular for Amazon sellers?

Chatbot as a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business on Amazon

Chatbots from a highly specialized (most often non-commercial) entertainment turn into a tool necessary for all kinds of instant messengers, social networks, and sites.

Their main advantages are:

  1. The bot can personalize the promotions in the store and not show all 50 positions, but only 5, which are interesting to this user. Also, the bot can learn more personal information. For example, if the user does not buy meat in the store, the bot can ask him if he is a vegetarian, and based on this, adjust the appropriate stock.
  2. Search and data aggregation, information dissemination (chatbots can collect material on a given topic and form it in a specific form);
  3. The first line of interaction with Amazon customers (in addition to providing advice on goods and services, chatbots can concentrate the user’s attention and entertain him, however now such chatbots can answer only typical questions)
  4. Chatbots perform a relatively simple task – they allow companies to automate communication with customers. Now each of us has several instant messengers installed on the phone. Instead of making calls to people, it becomes more convenient to write messages, communication via e-mail is replaced by correspondence in instant messengers. Therefore, when it comes to interacting with a company, it is much more convenient to communicate through the familiar interface than looking for an email on the site and writing to it, or calling a phone number. The business is trying to be convenient for customers. When a company has 10 messages during the day, an employee can answer them. But if there are thousands of requests, it is difficult without automation.
  5. And one more benefit for Amazon business – almost always, the development of a chatbot is cheaper than a site or application with the same functionality. For example let’s choose a chatbot for a cafe. We all know the action “buy five coffee and get the sixth as a gift.” Such mechanics can be digitalised: refuse cardboard cards and transfer the loyalty program to a chatbot. For the user, the plus is that you do not need to carry a wallet with cards – just have a phone. It is beneficial for the company that developing a bot will cost several times less than creating an application for iOS and Android with similar functionality.
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So, if you have already seen the usefulness and versatility of new chatbots for your Amazon business, it’s time to start creating a bot for your goals.

Many Chat – the designer for chatbots

Chatbot as a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business on Amazon

Many Chat is a tool that creates a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The bot sends messages to subscribers of the Facebook page or automatically answers incoming messages from users. According to Many Chat, more than 1 million accounts have been created on the platform. In total, the company’s customers attracted 350 million subscribers in Messenger. Each month, 7 billion messages are sent through the platform, about 80% of which are read.

A big plus of the ManyChat chatbot is interactivity. That means that the message chain changes depending on the response of a particular user. ManyChat is not dull, the message can be not only text but also a picture.

The strategy for creating a chatbot based on the Many Chat platform and the main pitfalls during it

Building a personal brand is the work for the future. Although the result will not be visible immediately, it is a natural step in any business. Developing your company’s brand, you must create a Facebook page for it and create a promo page. On the seller’s page on Facebook, you collect the audience you will work with: make product announcements, inform about promotions, and offer related products. Chatbot in Messenger solves these problems well. When people receive a message in Messenger, they perceive such contact as more personal, and accordingly, it is more difficult to ignore it.

The next step is to sign up for ManyChat by linking your Facebook page to your account. Consider situations of contacting subscribers in Messenger. Then create a chatbot ManyChat, you do not have to program for this. ManyChat offers a video course to help you understand Messenger marketing and set up a chatbot.

Everything seems to be simple, but in reality, it is not so simple for an inexperienced person to realize this strategy, since there are many pitfalls:

  • Firstly, your chatbot may not work correctly, because you have incorrectly registered functions.
  • Secondly, the potential client from Amazon may not understand how to interact with him, because you did not explain the points that seemed clear to you.
  • Thirdly, you forgot about essential functions that seemed redundant to you.
  • Finally, you are trying to cover all the features. There should be only one product on the Amazon sales page; otherwise, potential customers will leave without understanding what you want. With a chatbot for Amazon account is a similar situation. The more features and products you try to cover right away, the lower its effectiveness will be.
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Entrust this work to professionals from the service

Buy “turnkey” chatbot by our service – and get the boost to your sales!

You can choose the “turnkey” Amazon chatbot service on our platform AMZ-Expert, and the deadline is 3-7 days from the date of getting of 100% prepayment. If you have a ready-made business page on Facebook with a Many Chat account, then the cost is lower and depends on the source data.

The cost of the turnkey service for Amazon chatbots includes:

  1. Creation and design of a business page on Facebook from which we launch the bot (pictures, posts, etc.)
  2. Creation and configuration your Facebook account.
  3. Creation and launch of advertisements for collecting likes (subscribers). Duration – 1 day.
  4. Creation a Many Chat account and connecting it to the page.
  5. Creation an announcement for buybacks (distributions) with and without reviews. Targeting settings.
  6. Programming the bot. Creating a sales funnel.
  7. Writing scripts and installing them in advertising.
  8. Launch advertising with a bot to your target audience.
  9. Your training in managing a bot and an advertising account on Facebook.
  10.  Providing recommendations for further correspondence with customers.
  11.  Provide links to useful services for creating URLs, shortening, and tracking your links. Free consultations on the promotion of goods, key pumping, etc.
  12.  Technical support of the chatbot during the month.

The sequence of steps may not certainly be followed. The work process with each client is individual.

N.B. Extra cost includes Facebook advertising costs. You determine the daily advertising budget yourself; it depends on your financial capabilities and goals. We recommend a budget of $ 5-7 per day. That gives you 7 buybacks (customers) per day. The buyback conversion depends on your goals. For example, you need 10 reviews, turn on the bot for 1-3 days, collect the required number of customers, work with them, and collect reviews on the product and feedback on the seller. If you need 100+ reviews, then the bot will work longer until it reaches the base of customers you need who will leave a review. The bot can be turned on and off at any time.


Together with us – AMZ-Expert – you will define your personal goals, develop a strategy for launching and working the bot, and select the optimal conversion in foreclosures and reviews. The chatbot is a flexible tool for your Amazon seller account, that allows you to test various strategies, makes it possible to choose the option for any of your needs. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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