You can manage your supplier purchase orders with sellerboard.

This feature is designed to automate, standardize, and streamline the process of managing supplier purchase orders. Sellerboard can document all the information and expenses associated with the purchase order (PO), track its status, automatically calculate the COGS for all products, and account for shipping and other costs. This new feature is found in the sellerboard within Inventory > Purchase Orders.

Creating and managing POs is a breeze.

Creating a purchase order on the sellerboard begins with entering the products ordered and their quantities. Additionally, the PO feature aids you in managing the costs of goods sold (COGS) of your products. When creating a PO with multiple SKUs, you can enter your total transportation costs and specify how they should be allocated by SKU: weight, manufacturing cost, or by-product. sellerboard then automatically creates new COGS batches for all the products in the purchase order once the order is closed.

Additionally, we’ve made it simple to communicate with your suppliers. You can export your purchase order to a downloadable format that you can send directly to your supplier. The format makes coordination effortless and straightforward. You can even attach a PDF design file or quality checklist to the exported archive file.

Stay informed with real-time PO status updates.

Keeping your inventory information up-to-date is vital. As your order progresses, you can update the status of your POs on the sellerboard. Every status update, whether a ‘Draft,’ ‘Ordered,’ ‘Shipped,’ or ‘Closed,’ has implications for your business operations. For instance, updating the status of a PO adjusts the quantities in the “Ordered” and “Prep center” columns of the inventory planner automatically, ensuring you are notified about stock alerts promptly.

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Another important aspect is teamwork. If you have several people on your team, everyone can see the PO status changes and stay informed.

Furthermore, you can link your POs with inbound FBA shipments to track your orders end-to-end. We display the status of the shipments and help you react if one of the shipments needs to be completed.

Ready to get started?

To start using the PO module, navigate to the Inventory tab in the main menu and click Purchase Orders. You can start creating, managing, and tracking your orders immediately.


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