You have even more control over your Amazon PPC campaigns directly from sellerboard. Here is a list of variables and metrics that are newly available to you:

  • Campaign name and status: Edit these directly on the sellerboard; changes will automatically sync with Amazon Seller Central, ensuring platform consistency.
  • Daily budget: Adjust your budget in sellerboard up to $200, providing flexibility while staying within a controlled spending limit. For higher adjustments, continue using Amazon Seller Central.

To apply changes to the variables mentioned above, make the adjustments and click the blue “Save” button at the bottom-right of the screen.

Bulk changes capability

If you run multiple PPC campaigns and apply the same changes to all or at least some of them regularly, making edits in bulk will streamline your routine. Here is what you can edit in bulk on different levels:

  • Campaign level: Perform bulk adjustments for bids, status, automation settings, and daily budgets. This allows for efficiently scaling campaign management tasks, reducing time spent on individual adjustments.
  • Ad group level: Apply bulk changes to status and bids at the ad group level, facilitating quick adjustments.
  • Keyword level: Bulk bid changes at the keyword level can help execute your PPC strategies faster.

To make bulk changes, check the boxes next to respective campaigns, ad groups, or keywords and click “Edit” or “Apply recommendations” at the top-right of the list.

You can also use the advanced filtering options to find keywords that meet specific criteria, like a minimum sales value or a particular range of spend. Then, you can change the daily budget for these keywords in bulk.

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This approach gives you flexibility in executing your PPC strategy and streamlining your optimization process.

Update status indicator

An animated loader icon shows which pending changes are still being processed. This helps you track updates that still need to be made live, ensuring you’re always aware of the current status of your campaign adjustments.

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