The Inventory Planner is designed to offer precise and customizable solutions for inventory control, notifying sellers of when and how much inventory to reorder.

Here are its key features:

  • Comprehensive stock valuation: Tracks and values stock across various stages, including FBA, prep centers, and ordered stock, which is crucial for maintaining optimal inventory levels.
  • Customized lead times and sales velocity: Offers customization for lead times at the product level and calculates an adjusted sales velocity, providing sellers with a clear understanding of how fast their products are selling.
  • Informed stock and reorder calculations: Beyond simply advising when to place a new order, the Inventory Planner also recommends the quantity to reorder, incorporating factors like seasonality, historical sales relevance, and organic growth to make forecasts more accurate.
  • Simplified purchase orders and FBA management: Automates purchase orders and facilitates FBA shipments monitoring and label printing, streamlining inventory processes.

Content creation opportunities

This is an opportune time to guide your audience through the benefits of leveraging the Inventory Planner. By focusing on the strategic aspects of inventory management, you can help sellers optimize their operations in light of the new Amazon fees:

  1. Underline the impact of precise inventory management: Discuss the financial benefits of avoiding the Low Inventory Fee through accurate inventory forecasting and management.
  2. Educational content: Craft tutorials or videos demonstrating how to use the Inventory Planner effectively, emphasizing features like seasonality adjustment, the relevance of historical sales periods, and calculating the ideal reorder quantity.

To aid in your content creation, here are instructional videos: a video for navigating the Inventory Planner and a video for managing the Purchase Order mechanism within sellerboard.

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Additionally, if a more detailed walkthrough is required, a member of the sellerboard team is available for a product demo of the Inventory Planner. Please reach out to to arrange a session.

We aim to provide you with the tools and information needed to support Amazon sellers effectively. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, we’re here to help.

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We’re thrilled to announce a focused update to the Alerts dashboard within Sellerboard, specifically designed to enrich your Amazon PPC campaign management. This enhancement introduces a new set of alerts, offering direct insights and recommendations from Amazon to help you fine-tune your advertising strategies for improved performance.

  1. Impression Gap Insight
    Discover opportunities to increase your product’s visibility when its impressions are lower than those of similar products over the last four weeks. Amazon suggests that creating new or updating existing advertising campaigns for your ASINs could be beneficial.

  2. Conversion Gap Insight
    Receive alerts for four weeks when your product’s conversion rate is lower than similar products. If you receive this alert, review your listing SEO or consider optimizing your PPC campaigns.

  3. Clickthrough Rate Gap Insight
    Be informed when your product’s clickthrough rate is below comparable over the last four weeks. This might indicate that the product title or images could be more optimal.

  4. Unadvertised ASINs with High Click Potential
    Identify unadvertised products in your portfolio that are likely to succeed in Sponsored Products campaigns. Amazon suggests that advertising these products significantly increases their performance.

  5. High-performing Campaigns That May Run Out of Budget
    Alerts will notify you about well-performing campaigns (ROAS above 3) that risk running out of budget after using more than 80% of their funds. Adjusting your budget, as recommended, based on Amazon’s insights could ensure that sales opportunities are noticed.
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Activating your new alerts

To ensure you’re leveraging these new capabilities, follow these steps to turn on the alerts:

  • Navigate to the Alerts tab in the main menu on the left of the screen.
  • Proceed to the Settings page.
  • Scroll through the list to find the necessary alert type.
  • Check the box next to your preferred notification method: “Notification in sellerboard” or “Notification per E-Mail.”
  • If opting for email notifications, specify a destination email to receive alerts directly to your inbox.

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