For now, Amazon requires an invoice from their suppliers more frequently than ever due to its newest policy terms.

These requests for invoices to Amazon can be caused by several complaints about the quality, authenticity, and condition. Amazon will even request the Amazon invoice bill before the goods will make your first sale if their algorithms decide that the complaint can come in the future.

Why is this happening? Amazon needs to protect the market and prevent the growing concerns of consumers regarding the sale of counterfeit products on the website. Amazon needs to know that it’s new, it’s secure, and you bought this from a legitimate vendor or its associates. Just like that.

When Amazon receives your invoices, they don’t just download, and then save them. They put them to the test. They will make phone calls, send emails, check websites, and more. And even genuine bills can be rejected if they do not meet the standards Amazon.


Now we will consider how to ensure that your account passes the verification process.

When does Amazon request billing from retail suppliers?

Billing requests may be caused by buyers or brands complaining about your product as inauthentic, but Amazon will also request billing if there are:

  • Complaints about the quality of the goods
  • Charges of Authenticity
  • Problems with the state of the product, such as “used/sold like new”
  • Things that “don’t match the description.”
  • Product Safety Concerns

Typical query forms look like this:

We have removed some of your ads due to customer complaints about the products they ordered from you. These products do not exactly match the terms or description of the product indicated in your product listings on the product details page. The listings of complaints are at the end of this letter.

… Include the following information for each ASIN with “Sold As New” complaints:

– Copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days. They should reflect your sales volume during this time.

– Contact information for your supplier, including name, phone number, address, and website.

Amazon is also trying to authenticate the product much earlier in the seller verification process. Now they often ask for Amazon seller invoice sample and confirmation of the supply chain before the goods are sold. Of course, in these cases, there were no complaints yet, but Amazon’s automated tools marked the data for preliminary verification.

This is a new aggressive move and just a nightmare for dropshippers on Amazon because they will not have an Amazon accepted invoices until they complete the sale.

How can I find out if Amazon will accept my bills?

Do not give investigators a reason to reject your bills or question the legitimacy of the providers providing them.

Look for gaps and obscure information that will cause the investigator to scratch his head, trying to figure it out. Reduced supply chain documentation can mean more than just a listing block. If your account annotations have had similar problems in the past, your entire account is at risk.

It’s good that all your documents are on hand before Amazon asks for them. If you have company letters on your supplier’s letterhead, this is ideal.

How to create an invoice for sale on Amazon?

Below, you can see Amazon invoice requirements – check them out on these seven points before sending them to Amazon to prevent any claims:

1. Dated in the last 365 days

Keep track of when you bought your stocks. If you have what Amazon considers an “obsolete product” in the FBA, you need to remove it before it reaches the one-year mark.

Invoices older than one year are not acceptable documentation for inauthentic complaints, therefore having inventory older than one year is a risk. In one ASIN, this probably will not harm your entire account. But if this continues, eventually Amazon will check you for a complete suspension of the report.

2. Legibly and accurately

Is it easy to read your account? Will, the investigators, smeared the PDF files that were scanned poorly, or blurry photos you took with your phone?

Account must look professional so that the investigator can find all the necessary information. In particular, make sure that the logo is not blurred, and the colors match the colors specified on the supplier’s website or brand. Logos that look point, or in the wrong place, or as if they were modified or moved, would cause fears that you took a photo of the document.

Similarly, make sure that the lines intersect correctly, and it’s not like someone edited some text or numbers. The last thing you want is to Amazon lawyers thinking that you’re faking invoices.

3. Never use a handwritten invoice

Never send Amazon a written invoice, period. If your provider sends you anything by hand, it will not pass the verification of your Amazon account. Find a new supplier or tell the old supplier that he needs to print an invoice. Old-fashioned bills will no longer be accepted.

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4. Link to the site

Your provider should also include a link to their website in their Amazon invoice template.

Amazon’s product quality team did not insist on this back in 2017, but now they need a URL to promote them, due to the newest SEO technologies. Also, this helps to avoid the scary electronic “Fail to verify the supplier” if you still have an available link.

5. All addresses match exactly

Make sure your Amazon accepted invoice address exactly matches your Seller Central address. Amazon likes to decline to the bill if you have an old or different address, so always keep it up to date with Amazon and your vendors.

The addresses of the suppliers must also match what the researchers find on the Internet in their requests. Otherwise, they will reject the account as “not verifiable.”

6. Professional website

Make sure your provider has a professional-looking website and nothing that is “under construction” or redirected to another site. Investigators should be able to get all the information about where you get your goods.

Suppliers who don’t have a website at all should be removed from your supply chain. Amazon regularly sends out messages that your provider is “unverifiable” if they cannot detect its presence on the Internet.

7. The quantity matches your sales

The number of units in your invoices should correspond to your transactions on Amazon, and also take into account the number of units in stock on your listing.

If your sales volume exceeds the number of units indicated in your invoices, Amazon will reject them and prohibit future sales for this ASIN. Be safe and make sure that you provide a sufficient number of sales invoices for at least the last 90 days.

Will Amazon try to contact my suppliers directly?

Yes, of course. Amazon investigators will call and check online for clear evidence that your suppliers are legal. They can also email, but for the most part, they will pick up the phone and try to speak with your suppliers.

It means that you should provide Amazon phone numbers to your suppliers whenever possible. Facilitate the work of investigators by providing accurate contact information to representatives with whom you work by brand, manufacturer, or supplier. If Amazon encounters obstacles when trying to talk to them, they may not accept invoices.

What happens if I don’t have invoices to send to Amazon?

The absence of any accounts will mean, at least, the lack of future access to ASIN, which they take from you. In General, they may question your ability to provide documentation for other products you put up for sale on Amazon.

How about dropshipping?

How to create an invoice for sale on Amazon?

Dropshippers usually not the case of invoices, until their products will not be sold on Amazon. So, if Amazon will ask you to provide invoices before any sales, you are not lucky. Any listing that Amazon marks to check regardless of whether there is ordering or selling, usually now leads to the query of invoices.

If you have no documentation to provide, it’s a significant risk for placing goods or sale of these products on Amazon.

What about the private brand (Private Label)?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you are a seller private label (PL) and make your products, Amazon will want to check your invoices.

You may have made a deal with a major manufacturer in China, but make sure they can provide acceptable documentation to prove the legality of your products.

Amazon gets more and more “fake” and “inauthentic” complaints about orders even in the case when only one company produces and sells a product. It doesn’t matter; investigators must continue to receive acceptable documents from you before they can recover your listings.

What happens if you “make” an invoice or edit an invoice from the suppliers?

The production of invoices — fake invoices to Amazon — this is the quickest way to be permanently blocked.

Investigators receive specialized training to hone your skills and develop good instincts to detect forged documentation. If you find that you have edited the invoices after receiving them, they, without hesitation, will celebrate “fake invoices” in your account and, as appropriate, to inform you about it.

If in the past you created your invoices and relied on them for products that you sell, remove those products from FBA and then delete the listings. You may be asked to provide documentation at any time, and if you get caught at least once for the production of invoices, this will lead to the destruction of your account.

Buyer protection does not include the forgiveness of sellers who intentionally violate the rules and undermine the confidence of buyers in the market. If you are excluded from participation in this type of behavior, don’t expect good chances for recovery.

The best thing to do when you appeal for an invoice, which you do not — do nothing on their own and to immediately contact the experts at restoration accounts and listings on Amazon.

An ideal solution would be to contact AMZ-Expert. If something doesn’t work out for you, you could make a call on Skype with a screen demonstration. It is here that qualified specialists will support you in solving problems.

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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