Many aspiring sellers have tried opening an Amazon selling account but only a few have succeeded in their business endeavor. Some say its luck but others believe it is hard work.

If you have opened an Amazon account with the goal to sell and make money from the marketplace, then it’s best to come up with an amazon new product launch strategy to successfully execute your business. This way, you can get more eyes and interest to your offers on the first day of your opening.

There are actually different ways to execute your launch. But you only have to find the best few, which will help you generate sales to your business without having to pay a hefty cost.

So before you get yourself out there, plan your amazon product launch well and you will surely reap the rewards in the years to come. If you are curious and have no idea how to launch a product on Amazon, we have listed practical ways to help you sell your first product online.

10 Ways You Can Successfully Launch A New Product on Amazon

Launching a product on Amazon seems to be daunting but in reality, it’s not. If you know what to do during the launch then you can skyrocket your sales in the soonest time possible. We have tons of strategies available but here are 10 ways to help you get more customers to your offers and make sales during your initial product launch.

How to Launch New Products on Amazon: 10 Strategies For a Successful Launch

1. Make Sure Your Products Available

If you want to have a successful product launch, make sure you have your products available for shipping whether through your fulfillment or Amazon’s FBA.

No launch would be ever successful if you have mediocre items to sell and ship your buyers. Moreover, ensure you have enough stocks as you might be surprised by the frequency of people buying from your store. Once you have your products ready, that means you are also ready for the launch.

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2. Price your Product at Par or Below Your Competition

Apart from just having your items available, it is important to price your product fairly. Don’t price too low or too high. Research on similar products sold by other stores and price your items at par or slightly below your competitor’s price point.

Since you are just new on Amazon, doing this could help you get more eyes to your products. Don’t be too greedy at first. The goal during your first few months is not to get 100% RIO rather build your brand presence and establish credibility.

Pricing your product below or at par with others could provide significant traffic to your store. Once you see traction, you can already increase your prices.

3. Take High-Resolution Photos of Your Products

Since you have your products available, make sure you take photos of them for your customer’s sake. Take high-resolution images of the products, ideally, using natural lighting to capture the original look and feel of your item.

Take photos of every angle, including its best features, so your customer could see exactly the product’s overall appearance even on their computer screen. Most importantly, do not make too much edit of the product’s appearance as it may cause confusion to your buyers.

4. Write Benefit-Driven DescriptionHow to Launch New Products on Amazon: 10 Strategies For a Successful Launch

When you’re done with the photo shoot, write compelling product descriptions to persuade your customers to buy. While photos can attract your market, a good description will evoke interest.

Writing a product description should not only focus on your product features. Rather, it should emphasize the benefits of buying your item. Write benefit-driven copy as it’s proven to convert better. Ideally, write at least 3 to 5 bullets to explain your product’s benefits.

5. Optimize with Keywords

Now that you have written your copy, it’s time to optimize the content to make it available and searchable on the search engine.

Optimizing your keywords gives you a full advantage over your competition. According to Alexa, SEO is critical to getting traffic to your website. With the right keywords, people can easily search your products even their not searching on the Amazon platform.

It also optimizes your site content to attract the right market for your products. You can go to your competitor’s page to see the keywords they use or use SEO tools like to find great keywords using autocomplete.

6. Create Winning Promotions

How to Launch New Products on Amazon: 10 Strategies For a Successful LaunchIf you have done everything from the photo shoot to keyword optimization, you can start creating winning promotions to attract people to check and see your products.

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You can also give price discount to get more eyes to your offers. You can also provide coupon codes, free prime trials, free kindle books and apps, today’s deals, and Amazon add-on items. Apart from that, you can also partner with Amazon Deal sites to stimulate interest in your launch.

With only 5 minutes or less, you can already set up a promotion. With the right site to publish your promotions, you can generate lots of potential sales in no time. This is one of the best ways to start your launch.

7. Reach out to Interested Niche

Apart from doing promotions as mentioned above, you can reach out to markets that have a keen interest in your products. Let say, you sell baby products. Then, you can join Facebook or Reddit communities for babies and mothers.

This way you’ll have access to people who have interest in your offer and could possibly buy your stuff later on. It is also inexpensive and easy to do compared to other marketing strategies available for you. While does not provide instant cash to your pocket, this strategy could drive sales in the long run.

How to Launch New Products on Amazon: 10 Strategies For a Successful Launch8. Run Paid Advertisements

You could also allocate budget for running paid advertising to reach out to more prospective buyers. Initially, find out where your market hangs out. Various avenues are available for you including the prominent social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

You can do your research and search for platforms where your prospects spend most of their time. And, identify what they usually do in there.

Run ads with a compelling copy to drive more leads to your launch, which will eventually turn into sales later on. Moreover, when done right could bring you more profit even after your product launch.

9. Run Contests on Social Media

One way to get sure customers prior to your launch is through running contests via social media channels. You can use Facebook as your primary tool in building your customer list.

You can give away coupon codes and gift certificates daily to maximize your reach and get a solid fanbase for your Facebook channel, which you can take advantage of later on. At the same time, you can run a paid advertisement to boost your reach on the channel so more people could enter your giveaway.

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The more coupon and gift certificate you give, the higher the chance more people will check your Amazon cart during the day of your launch. Showing people you are a real person and your business exists gives you more credibility. Therefore, start Facebook contests and giveaways to boost awareness.

10. Gather Reviews to Boost Your Amazon Product Launch Strategy

How to Launch New Products on Amazon: 10 Strategies For a Successful Launch

You may also want to gather reviews prior to your launch so you have something to show your customers when they arrive at your store.

Be careful. Amazon Terms of Service clarifies that buying reviews through giving cash or something for free is against their will. So make sure you don’t go against Amazon TOS as your account may get suspended by surprise.

Instead, you can ask reviews from those customers who have bought your products in advance. Since you have send out initial emails to your list before your official launch, you can also send them emails asking those who bought your items to give you honest reviews on Amazon.

Doing so can boost your credibility, which may attract more buyers to purchase from your store. Once you have everything in place, it’s time to schedule your launch and start making money from Amazon.

Making your first few dollars on Amazon can be tricky. No business has become successful in just an overnight work. It requires momentum and continuous effort to finally get the amour of your buyers. If this time comes, you will surely recoup all the investment you’ve made in the first few months of your business.

Do not rush as it may give you a headache. And, never try to violate Amazon’s terms as it may cause suspension of your account.

Moreover, if you were able to get your customer’s trust then continue to provide the best possible service for them. Don’t get overwhelmed with the processes of launching your Amazon store. You can work with Amazon product launch services to help you get started.

We at AMZ-Expert can help you with that. We are expert in any Amazon services including launch and even reinstating suspended Amazon accounts. If ever you have encountered any issues with your Amazon selling account, feel free to message us anytime. We are here to help.

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