Shopping online can be fun and many items may even seem to be cheaper than in local stores. Cyberspace is however global and handling disputes can be more challenging at first for those who have been used to shop in their local supermarkets only. But it can be easy too! Read on.

This article discusses what Amazon says about their dispute management processes, and what kind of services third party consultation companies offer for sellers, to handle those unfortunate situations when clients experience some violation of services, fraud or have other complaints about vendors. Dealing with disputes can be a headache for some. But with professional help it can be easier than ever.

Know Your Rights and Act When You Need to Report a Seller

How to Report a Seller on Amazon?Amazon provides a decent mechanism of protection for its customers and easy to use support to issue Amazon seller complaints online. But, when to issue such a complaint? Most sellers of course strive hard to keep their business profitable and customers happy, so the first thing to do when having difficulties is of course to contact them directly and to try to settle the issue. If that fails to produce results, then there might be a good reason to give a serious and formal thought on that how to complain about a seller on amazon.

If everything else fails, you as a consumer might have local regulations in place. For European market area, there are tools such as the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR). For other market areas, like US, China, Russia, Cambodia or elsewhere, there might be other similar tools and processes. Also, when paying with credit card, the issuing financial institution typically offers additional protections for consumers. Now let us briefly go through main cases that most of complains come from on Amazon.

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Case #1: Product Is Not As Described

How to Report a Seller on Amazon?Some vendors might have a multitude of products on sale and keeping descriptions up-to-date can be challenging. If you feel uncertain at the time of purchase what are the exact features and characteristics of a specific item, it is better to ask the seller right away.

However, if for some reason you notice only after receiving the item, let it for example be a book, a piece of cloth, digital device like an eBook, that it clearly is not as advertised, or something is wrong with it, then it certainly is a good spot to act right away. If the seller disagrees with your concern and won’t issue a fix or resolution, then it might be a good spot to consider further steps on how do you report a seller on Amazon.

Case #2: Safety Issues

How to Report a Seller on Amazon?For example, the seller policy for the United States states that vendors are not allowed to “list products that may cause harm to Amazon customers”. Other market areas, like the European Union, may have similar tailor-made seller policies that every seller must conform to.

Safety issues are likely those that are common to most of them. If you receive a product, like electronic device for example, that could be harmful, then of course, this could be a good spot to consider Amazon seller complaints, particularly, if the seller fails to deal with the issue and fix the harmful features.

Case #3: Counterfeit Items

How to Report a Seller on Amazon?If you realize that you have received a counterfeit item, or if there is something else that seems like violating brands or trademarks owned by others, it is definitely a time to decide to not to do even one single order more. Copyright issues might sometimes be challenging to resolve, but for customer, the first point of contact is again the marketplace seller themselves.

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Kindly, contact the seller and raise an issue with them — then follow up the process and do not hesitate to forward the case further, if needed. Hopefully you do not need to hit Google with search query like “amazon file a claim against a seller”, but if you do, pay attention to complaint management providers who are there to consult you along the way and run the case for you.

Don’t Stay Lying in The Fire: How to Get Up and Complain About a Seller on Amazon

How to Report a Seller on Amazon?Before filing a complaint, it may be a good idea to contact the seller directly and if needed, request refund for the services. Amazon has a good process laid out for that available in the order management interface. For any issues with a compensation request, you should contact Amazon directly to provide any evidence to support your claim and details about the delivered item.

So important steps to start with are as follows:

  1. Contact the seller, gather evidence and try to settle the case
  2. Contact Amazon Support to seek advice on refund and complaint entity for this specific case
  3. If needed, refer to local regulatory bodies, like ODR
  4. If needed, contact your bank or other payment/credit provider for refund

Finally, if needed, you may want to contact Amazon support directly. The process to file a complaint may vary according to the market area, and you may be required to file the complaint into local court or regulative body instead. To check out the list of complaint processing entities e.g. in the US, please refer to the corresponding page on Amazon.

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Follow these steps to raise your concern with Customer Support:

  1. Open your Amazon Account
  2. Browse to your order list and take note on the order whose seller you want to complain about
  3. Browse to Customer Support pages
  4. Contact Customer Support, referring to the specific order and follow their instructions further

In any case, contact Amazon support under your Amazon account to find out details for your particular case.

Final Thoughts: Professional Amazon Law Experts at Your Service

Shopping online can be a rewarding experience and when things go wrong for one reason or another it may be a good idea to turn towards professional complaint managers to deal with your case.

When you feel, that you have a good reason to complain to Amazon about a seller, for any reason, it is best to first contact the seller directly to discuss the matter and try to settle the case. Most of the vendors are keen to provide excellent service to their clients and happy to hear for any feedback. You may be refunded or offered replacement for the products — that way you could even get what you originally paid for!

To make all this smoother and easier for you, the most recommended option is to turn to AMZ-Expert, who will take your case with lower costs than many competitors and do the relevant process steps for you without too much of hassle! Our company mainly provides services for vendors selling products on Amazon, and shoppers. This gives us extensive experience in handling complaints and how to manage them most efficiently!

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