Here are some easy to implement tips on how to create and run profitable PPC campaigns:

1. Start with an automatic campaign and also keep it running, the main goal of this campaign is to harvest new keywords and asins;

2. Use the harvested keywords to create different manual campaigns and keep your match types separated. Start with top generic campaigns, then branch out to different campaigns for other things (e.g. keywords related so sizes, colors, brand name + top generic keywords, etc);

3. Organize your keywords in ad groups with a maximum of 20-30 keywords each, so you can gather data from all of them;

4. Use the harvested asins to create manual product targeting campaigns targeting best selling asins, this way your product will show up on their product page;

5. Create campaigns to protect your asin. If you have several products, create cross-sale ads (e.g. target asin1 to show up on asin2 product page and the other way around). This way your products will also show up under the “Frequently Bought Together” section;

6. Don’t forget to add these keywords and asins to negative exact in the automatic campaign, so it forces the algorithm to find new ones.

Watch the full podcast with Lazar Zepinic on the sellerboard show:

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