Do you have a product on Amazon that has a low rating and has suffered from declining sales? Is it possible that you have been attacked by unscrupulous competitors who have given you a lot of negative feedback for money? Is it possible that you, as a newcomer to the Amazon platform, still do not understand the situation well, and after violating the rules, your account was blocked? 

In this article, we offer you several ways to solve these kinds of problems.

Why do Amazon sellers need to restart their products?

There are many various reasons why a seller would like to renew a product. Over time, product ranges face many challenges. Your listing may suffer from a failed initial launch or amateur bugs, or it may be due to unfair competition or an unexpected policy change from Amazon.

Whatever the reason, the seller’s earnings are directly affected by the sale of goods, so it is clear why this is an essential topic for everyone. However, it should be noted that products on Amazon often have an “expiration date”. That means that sellers must recognize whether the product has reached the end of its journey or only a restart is required to restore revenue.

How can I determine the point of no return for your account?

Under the point of no return in this context, we mean a situation where to get a high level of rating, you will be more effective to start all over again and register a new Amazon seller account.

Based on our experience, we can say that under certain circumstances, your product may not be displayed in high positions in the search for Amazon due to the A9 algorithm.

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For this indicator’s determination, many variables are worth paying attention to. Here are some of them:

  • You should determine if your issue is a rating or conversions (or both)

Often rankings and conversions are strongly related. The product loses its ranking, and then, only for keywords with a long tail or lower on the pages, and conversions can also slip. So it is difficult to determine what happened first.

It is even good to get a firm assessment of the current situation. Write down where your product occupies an important keyword now compared to where it was. Please keep track of the keywords for days or weeks to ensure they are not a failure or a very temporary change.

  • Conversion rate is significant in the complex relevance factor, and if your listing lags behind competitors, then visibility will suffer. Many things affect conversion rates, not just page position.

Also, pay attention to conversions (percentage of session units) as well as sessions. This data helps you get a complete picture of what might have gone wrong so that you can solve problems more effectively.

  • You can also look at the deviation rate of your list. Sales stopped overnight? Or was it gradual? That is important to know because they are often symptoms of various issues.
  • How many negative comments and reviews do you have? 
  • Are you a newbie on the Amazon marketplace? If yes, then it is an excellent possibility that because of your inexperience, you have forgotten the main pitfalls of the platform

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What are the opportunities to restart the product on Amazon

There are a total of 3 ways to regain confidence in your product and win high positions and ratings on Amazon:

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Purposeful re-rank

This method is the least expensive and easiest to use. Its essence is that you use all possible resources to raise the rating of your product; namely, you are dumping prices, promotions with high and low discounts for buyers (figuratively, you receive positive feedback on your product from buyers, which in return receive your goods at a low price), generate external traffic, etc. The disadvantage of this method is the cost of time and the uncertainty of the result. Without a clear policy, you can go even further to the bottom of the rank. You will not understand when things will go wrong and when it would be better to complete this strategy.

Product rebranding

That is, of course, the most expensive and time-consuming option. Its essence is that you should recognize that your product’s concept has failed, and therefore it is worth working on errors, selling the remains of the product in stock, and creating a new listing on Amazon. You may want to turn to experienced marketers or content makers who will tell you the right way to relaunch.

ASIN Remapping

When restarting a product from scratch or during a total rebranding, vendors on the Amazon site typically need to create a new ASIN, then delete all your inventory, remark the products, and send them back. With ASIN remapping, you don’t have to delete or forward inventory. The product still loses all of its reviews and other data but you avoid all of the transportation and labeling fees.

In essence, this is the ASIN transfer from the old listing to the new one within the same Amazon seller account (Remapping of ASIN). Often the reason for this type of procedure is when your account was suspended or if you want to remove the negative reviews, which are not related to the actual quality of your product. 

For professionals, this is a relatively effective method of combating the indifference of the Amazon administration to unfair competition for your product from black hats or just sabotage. It is also a great option to save your money and time because if you work under the FBA scheme, you do not need to export goods from Amazon warehouse – you just transfer of FBA warehouse from one listing to another within one Amazon seller account.

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N.B! FBA – a kind of status of “special” seller associated with Amazon Prime Members. It also increases the chances of getting a Buy Box, without which it is impossible to set up contextual advertising Amazon Ads Sponsored Products. Altogether, the FBA program on Amazon is an attractive option for increasing sales and conversions.

How to successfully launch your product on Amazon again - ASIN Remap service

ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number, a unique 10-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned by and its affiliates to identify products sold on


Of course, in one article’s text, it is difficult to tell about all the details of ASIN Remapping. Our company AMZ-Expert has considerable experience in this field, and therefore we will be glad to transform our experience into your success. 

So if you need to perform ASIN Remapping, and you want to do it efficiently, quickly, and with permitted methods – the AMZ-Expert team offers you to solve this problem. On our page, you can get detailed information about the price of the service from our managers. We also provide a full range of services related to trading on the Amazon site.

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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