The right insights delivered at the right time could save your Amazon business time and resources! Especially if you have many SKUs, it can be hard to spot a negative trend in enough time to act. With Sellerboard, you can analyze trends by KPI and product, discover threats and opportunities early, and act upon them. 

Here are some questions, Sellerboard can answer in real-time:

  • Which products are registering a drop in BSR this month? 
  • Which SKUs have the highest increase in refund rate?
  • How have your advertising costs by product evolved over the last month?
  • How does your profitability by SKU change over time?

To start using trends, click “Trends” in the top menu bar of your seller board dashboard. 


Select a KPI (for example, BSR) and a time frame and view a table with all your products and their month-by-month performance (including the value of the KPI and the % change compared to last month). Sorting the table will immediately show you all your problematic SKUs (e.g., the ones where BSR dropped in the last month compared to the previous month).   


Here are some examples of how you can act on a negative trend:

TrendHow to act?
Profit decreaseRevise your cost structure and pricing. Focus more on profitable variants (i.e., by bundling)
Increase in refund rate.Analyze return reasons. Revise your images (i.e., colors). Work on product quality.
BSR increaseRun a promotion or increase PPC spending to stabilize the BSR.

Add trend analysis into your monthly analytics routine and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

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