Now you can:

  • Generate FNSKU codes and print out barcode labels for each FBA shipment directly from the sellerboard. The printed label will contain the FNSKU code, the bar code, the name of the product, and the item condition: “New” or “Used.”
  • Print labels for boxes and pallets for already created FBA shipments. sellerboard will automatically determine the shipment type and offer various label printing formats for boxes/pallets;
  • Download and print the bill for lading if you are shipping pallets through Amazon LTL-Partnered delivery. , if you are shipping pallets through Amazon LTL-Partnered delivery.

To print your labels, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Inventory tab > FBA Shipments”;
  2. Click the three dots “Actions” button next to the corresponding FBA shipment and select “View”;
  3. Click the “Print labels” button in the bottom left corner and select the desired label type or “Bill of lading” from the list.

If you need to print out FNSKU labels for specific products from your FBA shipment, click the printer icon next to the corresponding product.

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“Advertising cost” expense type

sellerboard pulls your advertising costs from Amazon automatically. However, sellers sometimes have external or historical Amazon advertising costs, which cannot be imported through an API.

Enter these advertising costs under the “Expenses” menu and check the Show this expense under the “Advertising cost” box to include them in the Advertising cost calculations.

If this checkmark is set, the expenses will be shown in the “Advertising costs” category in the sellerboard’s profit dashboard in other views (chart, P&L, trends, etc.)

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Customizable tiles
Most sellers use our tile view on the dashboard daily to check their numbers. Now, you can choose a period of preference for every tile in your profit dashboard and have even more flexibility in your data analysis.

To set a custom date range, hover over a tile and click the date or date range under the name. Then, select a predefined option or choose a custom date range.

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