Here’s a quick overview of the new possibilities on Sellerboard: 

1. Manage your supplier purchase orders 

With Sellerboard, you now can create and manage supplier purchase orders for your products. This includes tracking the order status, exporting the order to a downloadable format you can send to your supplier, and managing the costs of manufacturing, transportation, clearance, and any other fees associated with the order.


2. Automatically create new COGS batches and split transportation costs to all products in the purchase order.  

 When creating a PO with multiple SKUs, it’s essential to accurately allocate transportation costs to each product. With sellerboard, you can enter your total transportation costs and specify how they should be assigned by SKU: weight, quantity, or manually. sellerboard will automatically create new COGS batches for all the products in the purchase order.

3. Sync the PO status with the inventory planner 

Sellerboard’s inventory planner reminds you when to restock or reorder your products. When you update the status of a purchase order, the quantities in the “Ordered” and “Prep Center” columns of the planner are automatically adjusted so that you are always notified about stock alerts on time. 

4. Track the status of your inbound FBA shipments. 

Link your purchase orders with inbound FBA shipments to track your purchase orders end to end. sellerboard will display the status of the shipments and assist you in reacting if one of the shipments needs to be completed.

Coming soon: Creating FBA inbound shipments directly from sellerboard.

Our instructional video shows you a detailed presentation of the new functionality. Or try the features yourself in the “Inventory” menu.  


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