Sellerboard can help you optimize your bids (based on your ACOS or profit target) and keywords (based on their performance). You can view all PPC optimization recommendations on a dedicated page (PPC > Recommendations). With this new dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Pinpoint recommendations by keyword using search;
  • View recommendations by the campaign.
  • Switch between bid recommendations, well-performing keyword recommendations, and underperforming keyword recommendations.
  • Apply individual recommendations, snooze them, or apply in bulk.
  • Enhanced PPC Dashboard export

    Your PPC campaign performance data export now takes the filters into account. This means you’ll get an exported report filled only with the data relevant to your filtered settings, enabling more precise analysis and decision-making.

    Export function for Alerts Dashboard

    Have you tried our Alerts dashboard already? Sellerboard can monitor your listing changes and other significant events and notify you if your attention is needed (e.g., if your listing title was changed). Recently, we introduced an alert dashboard where you can view notifications organized by their priority, filter them, add comments, and mark them as resolved. You can now export all alerts from the Alerts dashboard directly into a CSV file, making it easier to track, analyze, and respond to essential notifications outside of the sellerboard platform.

    Get your two months of free access to Sellerboard using this link:

Exciting news! We’ve made some significant updates to improve your experience with sellerboard:

  1. Dark theme: work anytime, anywhere.

    Enable the dark theme for a more comfortable late-night work experience.

2. PPC module upgrades: streamlined navigation.

  • Separate PPC dashboard module: Find your PPC dashboard and automation log as distinct windows in the tools list.
  • Tabbed grouping: Access organized tabs for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and search terms directly above your campaign list.
  • Advanced filtering options: Now you can filter your metrics table using the following parameters:
    1. Specific keywords;
    2. Amazon marketplace;
    3. Performance-based keywords (well or poor);
    4. Automation status (on, off, or test);
    5. Sales ($ range);
    6. ACOS (% range);
    7. PPC spend ($ range);
    8. Clicks (count range);
    9. Profit ($ range);
    10. Orders (count range);

Check out these updates by logging into your sellerboard account today .

More PPC features are coming soon; stay tuned!

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Effective keyword research and optimization are essential for maximizing your sales potential. However, finding and optimizing the right keywords can be time-consuming and challenging. sellerboard can help you save time and increase your advertising efficiency by optimizing your keywords.

Did you know that sellerboard can automate PPC keyword harvesting? sellerboard’s PPC Keyword Automation feature can automatically transfer the best-performing keywords from your automatic campaigns to your manual campaigns and add them to the negative in auto campaigns. 

You can customize the keyword harvesting rules; for example, specify the number of orders a search term must generate before it’s “moved” to a manual campaign, choose a target campaign, and match type for the keyword.

With Sellerboard’s Keyword Automation, you can exclude poorly performing keywords from your campaigns by moving them to the negative. This ensures that your campaigns remain efficient, helping you to achieve maximum ROI on your advertising spend.

Watch this instructional video if you want to learn more about setting up keyword automation on sellerboard.

Another thing… sellerboard now accounts for Amazon’s Sponsored Brand advertising spend. You can find this information in your PPC Analytics dashboard.

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Are you already enrolled in the Amazon Subscribe and Save program? It allows customers to schedule recurring orders for the products they frequently purchase, providing an effortless way for sellers to retain customers and generate recurring revenue.

Now you can track your Subscribe & Save KPI’e on the sellerboard! We have added two metrics to our profit dashboard: active subscriptions and revenue penetration.

Active subscriptions are the number of current active subscriptions associated with your products. This allows you to measure your program’s success and customer retention.

Revenue penetration shows the percentage of recurring sales from the Subscribe and Save program in your total sales.

You can find these metrics in the detailed view on the sellerboard under the “more” link at the account and product level. Please note that the numbers are reported for completed months only (not available for the current month).

In addition, you can analyze the dynamics of your recurring revenue by exploring these new metrics under the “Trends” tab in the dashboard.

Stay tuned as we work on adding more Subscribe and Save metrics to the sellerboard soon!

Get your two months of free access to Sellerboard using this link:

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