Did you know that it’s possible to check the return reasons? 

When a customer returns an item, they fill out a form where they select the return reason and sometimes they leave a comment To see the return reasons and comments, click on the number of refunds in your sellerboard dashboard.

Why is this important?

Returns are very expensive, so a customer should better not order at all than order and then return the item. Some of the return reasons can be fixed by adapting your listing, if you understand exactly why they returned, e.g.:

  • If color is the reason, make sure the colors are as realistic as possible on your pictures;
  • If the customer returns a product because they expect it to be a different size, make sure the description or your pictures show the correct size of the products. You can do it e.g. by adding the measures to one of your pictures or by putting the product into a scene in comparison to other objects. 

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