Amazon is a great platform for selling your product, especially when you are a newbie. Why? Amazon offers a big marketplace for every online startup company and uses their huge base of followers to grow faster. It is of interest to note that when Amazon started, it did not have a huge market, but the consistency of providing good products along with Jeff Bezos’s commitment made it the biggest e-retailer.

Nowadays, becoming a successful entrepreneur is not difficult at all because of various e-commerce platforms like Amazon. It literally has everything ready for you like a ready food platter. All you have to do is sign-up for a specific package and start selling your product. And by following amazing Amazon seller tips, all your doubts like how to sell better on Amazon will be laid to rest.

10 Selling on Amazon Tips by Experts

Amazon has 300 million active users. About 10% of those are actively using the mobile app. The most amazing statistics is that about 49.1% of the US retail e-commerce belongs to Amazon. There are over 500 online shopping websites, and all the rest comprise of just 50% of the e-commerce percentage.

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform as you can see. Why are we telling you these statistics? Just so that you can understand that the following “Selling on Amazon tips and tricks” actually work.

They can help you to create your own name, receive profits on products, and not repeat mistakes. As we said, every person makes a mistake, but when you learn and improve on your mistake it is not a mistake anymore. Most of the experts have their knowledge and background based on their long-standing experience and committing various mistakes. Let’s not waste time anymore and get right to Amazon selling tips:

1. Not reselling from other brands

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsIf you want to become an Amazon entrepreneur that hosts a multi-thousand dollar business, you should know a very simple thing: “It’s better to create your own product (whether small or big doesn’t matter), research about the product (whether it is in demand or not), develop the product, and sell it”.

This way the profit comes directly to you and there is no more division, and your brand name gets recognized. Of course, it is not highlighted among customers. For that, you need to create your own website.

2. Choosing professional package

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

If you have the same question as many “How to sell more on Amazon”, the answer is simple. You can switch to the Professional package. You can research several books based on the Amazon guide, and you will see that the professional package is better for a seller. Why?

You can create product listings, save money (not paying $0.99 per product), it’s open to restricted categories, use promotions, and gifts. All these options are not open to the Amazon sellers with an individual plan. The bonus for being a professional seller is that you can create a product listing in the buy box. Simply, 78% of sales happen through the buy box ( a box on the item page with details where clients start the buying processes).

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

3. Gathering researches and doing forecasts

It’s great to emphasize on the fact that good research is the key to a profitable business. For that, you would need to spend a year or two gathering documents, creating financial papers, and making a forecast.

Therefore, it is better to use some online apps that can do all this for you or hire an expert team. For example, the real Amazon professionals can ease all the tension and provide you with accurate financial and technical information about the product.

4. Optimizing product details

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

Sometimes when you are searching for something, you do not find what you want or need. The main culprit is the inefficient SEO in product detailing. Marketing analyst Jillian Hufford says: “Your products must be very accurate in search so that it can be narrowed down but must have general terms too”.

It is possible that a person might just type “smartphones” and if your product detailing does not include the term “smartphones”, it will not be included in the product list. On the other hand, a person can write “silver ring with a blue stone in middle for men”. That is why you are required to give as much detail as possible so that it can be shown in the listing.

5. Making competitive pricing

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

This is that one tip every marketing expert and CEO of major companies would give. When you step into the world of business, you are surrounded by several issues:

  • Not enough funding,
  • Extensive paperwork,
  • Legal requirements,
  • Creating the product,
  • Research,
  • Negotiating with partners, etc.

The list can go on forever though. For you to see that you have successfully achieved your target, you need to see the results, i.e., your products are being bought and appreciated.

6. Abiding by the rules

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

Amazonians must always remember that rules are the first and foremost thing to follow without exception. Amazon has recruited a special team just to detect law-breaks and fix them by letting the sellers or buyers know.

The account might be stopped or hidden if Amazon found any problem. They have the rules and regulations page which (this time for real) must be read by every seller.

7. Keeping track of sales

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsYour task as a seller also includes measuring numbers and keeping track of the daily or monthly target. If you do not attain the target for a continuously 3-4 months, it means some serious changes are needed. Do not waste time doing everything manually.

Of course, when you are selling on Amazon, you do not have a great financial or HR team. Get a tracking or measuring app that will integrate with Amazon, and calculate everything for you. Fetcher is a good example of an app which has the support of various experienced Amazon sellers. Amazon has tedious and time-consuming reports which might take days to figure out. Also, you can use the help of experts that will help to figure out the best ways of keeping documents and sales on track.

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts8. Getting traffic

One of the best things about Amazon is that it can help you with the marketing and advertising techniques. Amazon has a built-in system which diverts traffic towards your product or service. Who and when? Well, they have some affiliated software that will automatically transfer customers to you if your product is suitable. It is necessary to do so because there are thousands of similar products. Customers will choose yours because they will be shown it first. Also, you can have the lowest price or have an item that nobody else has. Those are the easiest and the quickest ways to reach the audience and get the traffic.

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts9. Adding high-quality images

Online shopping runs on images, videos, reviews, and feedback. Therefore, you must have a good quality image that is clear and has a good background. The background must not shadow the product as it cannot be seen then. It is recommended not to photoshop the image because this would decrease people’s trust.

10. Using Amazon FBA Selling Model

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsA good plan for getting yourself recognized by Amazon is by using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). With FBA, you are allowing Amazon to fulfill the orders for you (the payment, shipping, emails, etc). A lot of people are making more money online, but it all depends on the business pattern you are getting into. Fulfillment by Amazon is a very up-to-date model for sellers with high rewarding potential, but it is really tricky to learn. Therefore, it’s best if you face it the first time and to get some help, and get the Amazon FBA Selling Tips.

As you can see, the Amazon marketplace has lots of rules and you can face lots of issues when starting. It’s a big platform as per users and their contribution to the economy. Let us go through some other points why other businesses use Amazon to sell their products:

Huge Customer Base

There is no doubt that Amazon has the world’s largest customer base. The third party seller share in Amazon is increasing each year (although there is not much difference in consecutive years). As of 2018, the third-party seller revenue has increased by US $22.99 billion as compared to other. This explains the fact that sellers definitely want to use Amazon’s clientele and make a profit even in the beginning.

Straight to Selling

You do not need to spend a lot of time trying to win your customers over in Amazon. Amazon has really good return policies and a good reputation which makes it trustworthy. This is one of the reasons why experts always say use Amazon at the beginning instead of using your own website. The FBA segment of Amazon, especially, has good programs for sellers.

Flawless System

If you are thinking of Amazon instead of your own website, you are thinking in the right direction. Because developing a website will take up a huge amount of your investment. It is essential that you concentrate on selling, getting feedback from customers, and improving products. Amazon has a really good website with many functionalities. There are thousands of functions running simultaneously, and there has been no lag.

Some aspects to be attentive to when using Amazon

We all must remember that humans make mistakes (that is why we are humans) but Amazon makes sure that improvements are being made constantly. That is one of the reasons why Amazon always insists on true feedback, reviews, real pictures (as opposed to photoshopped ones), and suggestions, if any. We cannot deny the fact that Amazon has no drawbacks. Listed below we feature some points to pay attention:

Checking the fees

Yes, selling via Amazon can prove challenging when it comes to fees. They have various selling plans and every plan differs in price and methodology. Let us break down their fee plans a bit to understand their apparently high fees:

Selling on Amazon Tips from Experts

  • Amazon seller (Individual Plan)- $0.99 per item sold using Amazon + variable closing fees (varies between $0.45-$1.35).
  • Amazon seller (Professional Plan)- $39.99 per month + Variable Closing fee + Referral fees per item (8% to 25%).
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) – requires some extra price and depends on commodity.

It becomes confusing, first of all, for the sellers to understand all those calculations, and after all that break-down when you finally get the hang of it, it comes out to a high price for a startup. It’s better to ask professionals and get an outline of what plan is best for your business.

Trying not to lose your brand

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsLots of people purchasing a product from Amazon only know that it is the Amazon website, items are delivered by Amazon, and the reviews belong to Amazon. Basically, the relationship between you and Amazon is a mutualistic one (you are using the huge clientele while Amazon is using your product for its own – not directly though).

It is advisable to have your brand name written over the box of the product (but the packaging box will have Amazon written all over it), or the product itself can have the brand name in some place. Additionally, you may ask the buyer to leave a review for your brand (mention the name clearly and as many times as possible).

Not Prioritized

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsWhen you are selling a common product on Amazon, their own product will be prioritized over yours. The reason is obvious, but it contrasts their concept of e-commerce platform development.

This might affect your sales deeply even if your products are equally good and durable. Therefore, the secret to sell on Amazon is to keep your prices competitive. Most customer’s sort by lowest price to highest unless they need something specific, or they are super-rich.

Selling on Amazon Tips from ExpertsContacting directly with customers

The only way to get close to your customers is either by selling extremely rare products or by persuading them to sign up for your newsletter. Amazon will not give any details of the customer, like email address or phone number, because they want to keep their customers to themselves.


Amazon is great, and the above-given tricks to selling on Amazon are all taken from experts. It has its own drawbacks, but they are trying to improve the platform at every step for both customers and sellers. Be sure that they prioritize the buyers over sellers. Therefore, you need to be careful and hope you will outreach your goal.

For personal assistance regarding selling on Amazon, or if you want more information, you can contact AMZ-Expert. We have experienced professionals to help you with the same.

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