As you know, most private label sellers source products from China, but there are amazing alternatives such as India. Here are some reasons why you might want to source from India:

  • Diversify and mitigate sourcing risks (e.g. restrictions due to pandemic). India is a great backup.
  • Tariff rise and trade discussions between China and the US do not affect India. 
  • As everyone knows, labor costs in China are constantly increasing and the country is moving up the value chain to produce high-tech products therefore it’s more convenient to source garment/retail products in a different country.
  • Countries like India specialize in products that China does not produce such as hand-made products (metal/wooden/embroidery)

India has the best hand-made embroidery products in the whole world. Therefore, if you want to position your brand as a premium high-quality handmade products, then India would be your target!

  • Organic cotton is a very fast-growing product in India and there are more certified organic cotton factories in India than there are in China with more competitive prices as well. 

MOQ flexibility: you can order a low amount of pieces. 

The list of product categories and reasons why you should source from India goes on and on. Watch the sellerboard show episode with Meghla Bhardwaj to find out more about why you should try sourcing from India and how you can do it  and how to contact suppliers by following the link:

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