We all know that tracking FBA errors are a headache to monitor and can easily stay unnoticed. At sellerboard we found a solution by automating the process of finding these errors, so you can react. 🤑

Here are some of the most expensive problems. Sellerboard can monitor them and increase your profits: 😍

  1. Missing items in inbound shipments

Sometimes Amazon checks in less than was actually shipped to the FBA Fulfillment center. In such cases, you can open a reconciliation request within 6 months. Amazon will check the shipment and will find the missing items or make a reimbursement if it’s their fault. The only thing you need to do is not to forget to check closed inbound shipments on time. ✅

Fortunately, sellerboard will notify you (inside your sellerboard account and/or per email) if any deviations in the number of units in the FBA inbound shipment is detected when the shipment is closed by Amazon. All you have to do is take action, submit a reconciliation request if necessary. 🙏

  1. Listing changes

Listing changes: Amazon hijackers are one of the most annoying problems that every Private Label seller can face. Hijackers can sometimes change your listings to fit their products. In this case you should take action immediately. 🤔

Sellerboard notifies you on listing changes (e.g. listing name, description, main image, product category) through the alerts feature in your sellerboard account or per email. ✅

  1. Unexpected Amazon fee changes (FBA fee and/or referral fee)

Sometimes Amazon changes the dimensions of your product and if you’re unlucky, the FBA fee. This event is very hard to notice for a seller and might cost you a lot of money. Also, the referral can be increased unexpectedly (e.g. if the product category is changed). 🤯

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Sellerboard will notify you about such changes so that you can take action (e.g. by contacting seller support asking them to re-measure the product or change back the category). ✅

Automate the monitoring with sellerboard and increase your profits! 💸💰

📈Sellerboard is an accurate profit analytics service for amazon sellers with additional tools: follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. All this starting at $15 a month with a free trial.

👉 Get 2 months of free access to sellerboard using this link: – https://bit.ly/37cRjKX

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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