If you are a seller on Amazon, you have to make sure you stay up to date with what’s going on. One of the most important things to know about is Amazon’s choice. So what does Amazon’s choice mean and can it affect how you run your business on the platform?

A lot of customers on Amazon prefer to buy products with the Amazon label on their packaging. In simple terms, the Amazon choice meaning is basically getting a brand recommended by Amazon. It has helped a lot of sellers to get more customers and thus has became very popular.

We will look at why Amazon choice products are more popular among buyers and how your business can grow after you join the Amazon choice program.


What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

We have already looked at a narrow definition of Amazon’s choice. However, it is not as simple a concept as it may initially seem to be. What makes Amazon choice items better than other products sold on this platform?

Not too long ago, Amazon officially produced a list of guidelines that showed how sellers can get the Amazon selection. This automatically means that any seller who follows the guidelines, improves the products ratings, etc., can get the Amazon’s choice label. The final result is the increase in the rating of any product considered as Amazon’s choice. In most of the cases, such items have a wider demand and are easy to sell.

The label chosen to represent selected products is impossible to miss. It is made up of the usual Amazon color palette of graphite, white and orange. You will notice that this label has become widely used on the official website.

How does Amazon’s choice work? When you look at it for the first time, you may think that the label is there to make it easier for users to find several items that may be otherwise difficult to find in long listings.

For example, a buyer is looking for a very popular item such as a pair of earplugs. The chances are they will get a long list of results which they will have to sieve through in order to find a pair that they will buy. This process is tedious and takes a lot of time, for this reason, Amazon decided to find a way to eliminate this problem.

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By using an algorithm, Amazon has programmed its system to provide the user with the best possible results. How do you know that an item has received an Amazon’s choice badge? Well, the criteria for getting this upgrade are to some extent, easy to understand. You have to have a product that is popular with your customers. The best way Amazon can determine this is by looking at your customer’s reviews.

When a customer sees the label, they are automatically able to identify the following facts:

  1. The item they’ve been looking for has been searched by many other buyers. Not only this, the majority of people who searched for the item eventually decided to buy it.
  2. Most of the individuals who bought the product decided to give it a high rating.
  3. Any product with the label can be shipped quickly, so customers don’t have to worry about any shipping delays. This quick shipping is made possible by using Prime.
  4. The product is exclusively shipped by Amazon itself.
  5. The product is also popular because it is affordable to most people who searched for it.

How is Amazon’s Choice Rewarded?

We have established that it is a privilege to get the Amazon badge. If you are a seller on Amazon you are probably eager to know how you can get your product popular with Amazon’s choice. Unfortunately, it is not easy to provide a direct answer to this question. However, we can make a few things we know about Amazon’s choice more clear.

Unlike what it is used for today, Amazon’s choice was intended to facilitate the purchase of the Echo speaker produced by Amazon three years ago. Today it’s used to indicate that a product is very popular among buyers. It shows that a particular product has met all possible Amazon sales requirements.

We have already identified some of these features, such as impressive rating, competitive prices, and fast shipment of products and so on. The problem with the system is that a typical seller on Amazon doesn’t know the important details such as what Amazon considered a well-priced product or how many good ratings does it take to achieve this advantage over other businesses.

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The more you read about Amazon’s choice the more questions you will have. For example, can you apply for it? Is it a service that you can pay for? How long does it take to get the badge and who is in charge of making such important decisions?

The best way to increase the chances of Amazon choosing your brand is by paying attention to your customers. Amazon has created a lot of regulations for business owners and paying attention to each one of them will set you on the right track.

Furthermore, with the right tools, you also have to learn how to manage your online business, and you will then possibly increase the chances of having your product considered the best-seller.

How You Can Use the Amazon’s Choice to Boost Your Sales

Once you have been awarded the Amazon badge, how can you use it to make sure that your business keeps expanding? Well, the first thing you have to always keep in mind is that the badge for a particular feature of your product may change with time.

Let’s say your badge was awarded because of the reasonable pricing of your products; you don’t have to always expect that to be the case as with time the keyword may change to the quality of the goods purchased by your customers.

Because there is a possibility of changing the reason why you have the badge, you have an opportunity to increase the price of some of your products. This has helped many sellers on Amazon use this service to increase their income. Here are a few other things that the Amazon’s choice can do for your business:


Any buyer who sees the Amazon symbol on your brand will immediately identify your business as professional and customer-friendly. Customers will no longer doubt or have any anxiety doing business with you because they are sure that any goods they order will be of a high quality and delivered on time.


If you are running an online business, looking for an audience is one of your biggest priorities. Finding customers is pretty difficult when you are selling a mainstream product such as articles of clothing and certain digital devices.

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When you are chosen for this badge, your products automatically appear whenever similar products are searched. Therefore, more people will see your product when they use a keyword applied by all of your competitors.

Focusing on more products

Once you have achieved the badge, you can begin to diversify. The badge will provide the best opportunity to focus on a different type of product. You will have another source of income in your business, and as a result, your businesses will keep growing.


Amazon’s choice has been around for only a few years. However, it has made a very big impact on sellers. It is simply a way for Amazon to let its customers know that certain brands are better than others based on the analysis of important parameters.

We looked at some of the parameters that are assessed to decide whether a particular business has a high chance of getting the recommendation from Amazon or not. Some of the important factors we looked at include ratings of ordered goods, the business owner’s ability to handle the shipping of the products, the customer service, and the availability of competitive prices.

We also looked at how to get the Amazon’s choice badge. Although the requirements are not as clear as we would like them to be, stick to the parameters that we looked at in the definition of the nature of Amazon’s choice for products.

AMZ-Expert is able to provide you with all the Amazon-related services. We have a special team of professional experts who are willing to go further, explaining the Amazon’s choice to you so that you can understand what it can do for your business. We understand that you cannot apply or make a payment for this service, everything comes down to the basics of running a business on Amazon. Something we are more than qualified in.

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