Today is significant to do business on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Allegro. On Amazon today employs more than 3 million sellers from around the world.

Thinking whether it makes sense to start your business on Amazon, look at the statistics and the main advantages of this business, they speak for themselves:

  • the number of visits to the site every month more than 3 billion users
  • have of the marketplace today more than 400 million buyers from different corners of the globe
  • the ability to offer the customer more than 30 categories of goods
  • Amazon is always very interested audience; your product is sure to get those who need it
  • you are browsing the Internet, and the rest is a big part of the process Amazon takes on
  • on Amazon a vast and varied Toolkit of promotion
  • you no longer need to interact with the buyer; you don’t need to take orders manually and spend time talking with each client, all these processes are automated
  • also, you don’t need to do storage of goods, hiring of courier or delivery service you use the Amazon warehouses
  • another significant advantage is the speed of delivery; the goods are not lost during transportation
  • also, you get profits in dollars or euros.

Why is it worth starting a business on Amazon?

Due to well-thought-out logistics, quality of service, and fast delivery, the trading platform attracts more than 2 billion users from all over the world annually. Most US residents, if necessary, the first thing they do is go to Amazon. For buyers, Amazon is a genuine brand that guarantees quality and speed of purchase, for sellers – a trading platform with a hot audience of users who came exclusively for the goods.

The total trade turnover of the site varies within 150 billion dollars a year, while 40% of all sales come from private sellers, 100 thousand of which go into the millionth trade turnover.

More than 30 categories of goods are represented on Amazon so that you can sell almost everything there, from home-made jewelry to large household appliances.

A huge plus site – to work with Amazon can be completed remotely. Of course, the initial investment in the purchase or production of goods will be needed to open sales through Amazon, but this method can significantly reduce the cost of opening a store. Compared to private stores open from scratch, trading on Amazon is unnecessary:

  • rent a room for a warehouse and a trading floor;
  • pay salaries to store staff;
  • obtain a retail trade license;
  • Spend money on product promotion and marketing, develop Amazon FBA logistics;
  • invest in development and working with business associates all your free time.

For sale through Amazon, it is enough to have access to the Internet at hand and deliver goods to the warehouse of the trading floor. After that, every two weeks, the seller will receive payments from sales, while the delivery obligations fall on the shoulders of the platform.

Advantages and disadvantages

Amazon has hot traffic of visitors, the percentage of shoppers to the total number of site visitors is 13%. For comparison, most online stores, this figure barely exceeds 3%. Interaction with customers is available only through the functionality of the trading platform. Seller’s contact information is not given to the seller.

You can sell goods on Amazon in 30 main categories. A high level of competition among sellers gives rise to manipulation. Competitors can individually purchase products to leave a bad review and lower the rating of the product and seller.

The finished infrastructure of the site is convenient for sellers and buyers. The number of sales depends entirely on the ranking of the product. Customers prefer products with high ratings and positive reviews, so it’s challenging to compete in the early stages. 

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The site has developed the Sponsored Products program, with which you can quickly bring goods to the TOP. If you have released a unique product under a personal brand and it is popular, but you have not taken care of the patent and registration of a trademark, then soon it will appear with other sellers on completely legal grounds.

For the successful promotion of your brand, there is no need to create an additional site. A turnover of more than 100 thousand dollars can be achieved solely by placing goods on Amazon. Strict adherence to the rules and constant study of updates to them are required. Otherwise, the account, along with money from sales and goods, may be blocked by the company and will have to write to those — support for resolving the conflict.

Amazon sellers gain access to Amazon Prime customers with free service and access to a broader product category. Such customers spend on Amazon twice as much as ordinary users.

How to become an Amazon seller

The procedure for registering a new seller on the Amazon platform will take relatively little time. The whole process is carried out in a few simple steps. It is worth noting that Russian-speaking users need to have basic knowledge of the English language to navigate the platform better and carry out their activities.

There two ways – Before registration, the user needs to open a bank account with a card link to withdraw finances from the platform. It is possible to link credit and debit cards. You can arrange it in any country, in this Amazon does not limit its customers. But the tag should not have a limit on the number of operations performed on the network.

There are two types of sellers registered on the platform:

  • Individual.
  • Professional Sellers.

By registering as an individual seller, you will pay Amazon a monthly fixed fee. However, for every product sold, you will consistently pay 0.99$. It is worth noting that the sellers of this type are not allowed to make more than 40 sales per month.

Professional sellers pay a monthly Amazon 39.99$. But professional traders have advantages over the individual:

  • Access to any category of goods;
  • There is no limit on transactions;
  • Saving money on paying commissions;
  • Access to Analytics and advertising;

The ability of business automation on the platform with other services.

Check on Amazon takes place in several stages:

First, you need to go to the leading page platform and click on the icon “Your Account”;

Next, create an account by clicking on the “Your Seller Account”;

Next, select the “Start Selling,” you will be redirected to the select type of seller: individual or professional;

Where to buy amazon seller account?

Then fill out the registration form: name or title of your organization and bank card details for withdrawing funds;

Indicate the phone number to confirm registration and enter the received code in the open icon. So Amazon will make sure that you are a real person.

Immediately upon completion of registration on the platform, you will receive a proposal for an interview on the financial reporting form and a requirement to sign documents of agreement with the rules of the platform. You can choose to fill out documents electronically or send by mail. In the latter case, you need to manually sign the received papers and forward them to the address indicated on the envelope. This is a reasonably lengthy process; the electronic filling is much more convenient.

Also, there is a unique type of sellers account – so-called Stealth Account. It differs by a single nuance – they are created using fake documents and billing information. Due to that fact, these accounts are strictly DO NOT recommended to buy, as Amazon stealth account for sale number among the Internet is quite high. Again – do not buy Amazon stealth account, as it violates General Amazon Trading Policy and claims by Amazon lawyers. All claims can spill out into the real trial.

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How to start selling on Amazon?

Starting trading on the platform comes down to the following actions:

  • Register or buy an Amazon account
  • It is required to choose a niche and decide on the goods.
  • Purchase or produce products.
  • Arrange delivery to the warehouse.
  • Prepare the goods for listing.
  • Take care of opening an account to receive payments.
  • Promote sales and support customers.

Similarly, you can trade on the European Amazon, but the main warehouse will be located in the UK.

From the total sales of net profit, you can get from 20% to 25%. The remaining money covers the cost of the purchase or production, the commission of the marketplace, and related costs. Amazon pays money from sales once every two weeks.

What to sell on Amazon and how to choose a profitable product?

On the trading platform of different categories of goods, the range of each you can fill up your rights. When selecting products for sale should follow a few simple rules:

The first products should be simple. A significant amount of detail and technical complexity of the product increases the risk of marriage, which may harm the rating and lead to blocking of your account. Technically complex products should sell only when there is already a certified quality supplier and manufacturer.

Try to choose a niche with low competition. To assess the level of competition you can search through the Amazon. To do this, enter a General query and look at the products leading in the rankings. Best is if the product was the first in the results, has more than 200 reviews, and a huge plus will be the first product with less than 100 reviews.

Try to choose products where there are at least five sellers with a turnover of more than 10 thousand dollars. Their absence suggests that customers are not willing to spend on this product, no matter which advantages it has or which modern technologies are used to invent and develop it.

It is recommended not to select seasonal products and goods leaving trends. Otherwise, you risk freezing the capital for an extended period. To analyze these indicators using Google Trends.

Track key competitors in the niche and determine their weaknesses to develop strategies to achieve a leading position by a trading request. The easiest to deal with competitors who do not the complete page of the seller and the item cards too high a margin or minimum quality of the product. Correcting these flaws can confidently take leading positions of the ranking.

Product search occurs in two stages. You first need to choose 20 ideas that meet the selection criteria, then contact manufacturers and suppliers to determine the cost of the goods. Then compare the average cost of the products on the website with the purchase price. Careful analysis will determine what is profitable to sell on Amazon.

Goods delivery

Where to buy amazon seller account?

You can deliver finished products to the Amazon warehouse in several ways:

  • order delivery service from a supplier;
  • hire freight forwarder – an agent who will handle the delivery of goods, independently resolve issues with customs, pick up products from the supplier’s warehouse and deliver to the specified location;
  • on your own, working with DHL or another registered company.

At the initial stages, it is recommended that you engage a freight forwarder, as this minimizes risks.

You can deliver the goods, using three primary forms of transportation: by sea (delivery time from 30 to 50 days), air transportation (from two weeks to a month) or express delivery (from several days to a week).

Preparation of products for listing

The product is the primary selling tool on the platform. It should be carefully considered and completed. To run sales, you will need to place the product photo, add a title and description, price, and keywords, which will give us the goods.

Some nuances of the filling:

Photo. The platform has strict requirements for the product images. In particular, the background image is white only, no other objects, and the product should occupy at least 85% of the area of the frame. The seller must provide a high-resolution clear photo in the high resolution. A full list of requirements can be found on the official website of the marketplace.

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The title and description. The information about the product, in any case, should not be copied from competitors. For the writing test, you can hire professional copywriters who have vast experience in writing selling texts and know how to do it properly.

Keywords. The indexed item will be on the critical words specified in the description and the backend. Their proper selection depends on the level of attendance cards. Service allows you to track the keywords used by competitors, and services and will enable you to track the volume of traffic on the page.

Cost. At first, it is recommended to set the value slightly lower than competitors to for lack of reviews and the reputation to attract buyers. With increasing, reputation value can be gradually increased.

Reviews. To increase sales, you can order the writing paid review letter on a freelance or other resources. Let’s a little unfair, but the presence of at least 15 opinions significantly increases the sales. Negotiate all conflict situations to prevent negative appeal.

Sales and customer service

Where to buy amazon seller account?The seller will need to devote time to customer service and increase sales. Communication with customers is maintained through a personal account on the site; you will need to answer questions, solve problems with the return and rejection of products. A more significant number of requests comes during working hours according to the American time zone, so you will have to adapt your work schedule to it. It is also recommended that you connect an autoresponder – an automatic emailing system that will notify the buyer of essential events, such as sending or receiving goods. 

Earnings directly depend on the traffic coming to the page. You can increase it with the help of internal and external advertising.

Ads from Amazon there are two types of companies:

  • auto — ads, product keyword, specified when filling out the card;
  • manual — keywords are entered separately.

To adjust the is time shows and to fill in the text of the announcement impossible, the service automatically generates ad based on the item card.

To increase traffic to pages with your products, it is recommended to use an external advertising sources, it is desirable first to send the buyer a personal site, but since it on Amazon because the results of the top products, the service also takes into account the percentage of page visitors to the number of purchases. At low conversion, the product will fall in the rating of the issue, and the preview on the website will warm the audience to purchase or prevent the transition of the visitor who is not going to buy. is an Easy Start for Your Business!

Discover Amazing Amazon Features

I highly recommend buying an Amazon account with AMZ-Expert.

This business can be launched without leaving home, in fact, from any country in the world. And you do not need to register a company for this. You are not required to have perfect English proficiency, a university degree in business, or unique abilities.

You do not need any specialized knowledge; you do not have to work with warehouses, with customers, delivery of goods: all this will do for you, Amazon! All you need is to choose a product, find a supplier, tell the supplier to send the manufactured goods to Amazon warehouses in the USA

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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