Amazon is undoubtedly the largest eCommerce platform in the world, with more than 2 billion users every month and at least 100 million Prime users nowadays in the U.S. That is why the company’s policy strictly regulates selling privileges to maintain the high quality of the e-market. Most sellers have no problem following the internal notes of the company, as their goal is to reach the 2 billion Amazon site customers monthly.

Amazon seller account suspension is unpleasant, but it can happen with every seller. Imagine: you did a significant amount of work, looked for goods and suppliers, created a listing, collected reviews, and once you go to your account, and it will be blocked! As a result, your payments are suspended, the profile and the storehouse are frozen, the storage fee is charged, and, accordingly, there are no sales. If you have ever faced up with such type of problems, then we have a solution for you!

The possible Amazon seller account suspension scenarios

  1. If your Amazon seller account suspension takes place, you plan to send the Amazon team an appeal to get your profile reinstated.
  2. If you received “Denied”, that means your letter was rejected, and the aim now is to submit a revised course of action to Amazon.
  3. The worst is when your seller profile page is banned – multiple appeals were dismissed, and the company will not perform the reinstatement of your account.

Here below is the screenshot of Block reason e-mail to the seller:

Why is my Amazon account suspended?

But no need to panic in advance. Hundreds of honest third-party sellers get suspended, denied, or even banned from Amazon during each day. There are some good, but illogical reasons to block your account. Let’s try to figure out what it can be.

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

Here below, we mention eight main reasons why selling privileges of your profile page can be removed:

  • Seller Policy Violation.
  • Poor Seller Performance
  • Selling Restricted Products
  • Multiple profiles on Amazon.
  • Sale of uncertified drugs.
  • Selling products that do not match your listing.
  • Attempting to drive customers away from the website.
  • Plagiarism.

What should I do if Amazon has banned my account?

Depending on the reason for blocking the profile, you can try to explain Amazon the reason and achieve a second chance. Here are some steps and tips on how to write a successful call and then regain Amazon’s trust.

  • Determine the reason for the suspension. Often, sellers themselves do not understand why Amazon is blocking their profile page. In this case, ask for an explanation from the support.
  • Make a recovery plan, how you will reanimate your account and fix the problem, what will you do for not happening this again. Amazon has given some examples of such plans. The company asks the banned account owner how he will improve the issues that led to the suspension. Mention your positive points about why Amazon benefits from recovering your profile page.
  • Submit an appeal to Amazon Seller Performance

You should clearly state in your Action Plan the main problems in sales and inventory management practices, outline the ways of solving them, and what actions you will take to target change status quo.

Determining the reason for the suspension

The team sends a message to the seller, which contains the main reason why you are suspended. Reviewing this message is the best way to start writing your Action Plan Email should indicate if your sales privileges have been restricted because of a Seller Policy Violation, Poor Seller Performance, or other causes.

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Performance issues

If you do not respond to your customers, they are not satisfied with the quality of the goods/services, and you have many negative reviews and returns, then Amazon may ban you. All these performance targets are measured with three metrics: Order defect rate (ODR), The Cancellation rate(CR) and Late shipment rate. If the reason is poor performance, you should firstly check the Account Health Dashboard under the “Performance” tab of your seller profile to see which numbers are higher than Amazon’s targets. The message can hold the information on what the type of the performance issue is, but you can mention the correct metric amounts in your appeal letter.

Seller Policy Violation

Ideally, before starting to trade on Amazon, sellers should read and learn all the rules that will be followed by them in the future. In most cases, everyone ticks the “Agree” field and successfully register. Of course, to study several pages of plain English text, you need to spend some time. The same story is about changes in the categories, and in the site policy, you need to keep in touch with the latest events and avoid problems with blocking. If Amazon indicates that you have received the suspension because of a seller police violation, you should check out whether your actions are consistent with the company’s community rules. That’s why it is crucial to be surrounded by people who are also interested in this topic. 

Product rule violations

When you try to sell prohibited products or uncertified drugs, Amazon will indicate in the email that you were suspended due to product rule violations. In this case, the site may note specifically the prohibited item, so you can save your time and get rid of this product.

Multiple accounts on Amazon

You cannot create several profile pages on Amazon unless you have received permission from the company. Amazon very quickly reveals such types of sellers and bans them. Do not try to trick, but write a letter to the company and explain why you need a second profile page. Amazon will allow you permission only if it seems that you care about your customers. Therefore, think about what you can offer them. Fortunately, our team “AMZ-Expert” can afford you to solve this problem very shortly. We can help You! to write down a successful appeal to the company and to find out the real reason for the ban (we perform additional analysis of connections and the reasons why the accounts were connected).

Why is my Amazon account suspended?

Recommendations for resolving the issue:

  • Be humble, honest, and open-minded. The text should be full of encouragement, not disappointment and despair;
  • Be respectful of Amazon’s policies and support staff;
  • Start with the fact that you are wrong 
  • Show that you are further committed to the enlargement of an Amazon business and briefly write down what you are going to do soon.

Why is my Amazon account suspended?

What is unlikely recommended to write down in the Appeal:

  • Justify, write that it is not your fault, that you are right, or that you received the wrong advice from the support staff;
  • Describe the entire situation and explain what happened. The company is not interested in your problems, and this information will not be relevant to decide in your favor. An employee will spend only 3 minutes reviewing your complaint. Thus, this time should be used to write down those things, that are important to them;
  • Mention other sellers who also have a violation of which you are now charged.
  • An important point: do not write in support as if they are the reason for blocking. The person from the team, who will read your letter, has no idea why you were blocked. Make him want to help you, and don’t blame anyone.


Suspension reason: Utility

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Recently, Amazon increasingly blocks only registered profiles during their verification process. The client faced up with the situation when he only registered an account and did not have time to upload anything to the storehouse. Besides, it was the second client profile; the first was explicitly made for him, and the second (described) – for his company. Both profile pages had the same customer name. According to Amazon’s notice, the seller has written an appeal, which is based on incompleteness of the verification process. Also, it’s reasonable to make a call to Seller Support to clarify the information. As a result, a letter was sent to the client’s mail about the restoration of his account.

Suspension reason: Performance issues

A seller is suspended because of his high Cancellation Rate (CR), so he goes to the Account Health page, select the Customer Service Performance, and download the report about the Order Defect Rate. It finds out that some types of items are out of stock. So it’s recommended to mention in Appeal that your goal is to maintain the amount of all listed items at a high level for immediate shipping.

Suspension reason: Product rule violations

The seller has received the suspension letter with the reasoning that he sells prohibited products (filters that don’t reach ecological standards). His Appeal will consist of the details of the filter construction, certification paper, and specify that your goal is to get rid of these items from your storage, and you will regularly check the updates of the company’s standards.

What should I do when I have no ideas about the reason for the suspension???

We can afford you literally the Amazon point of view on each case. Moreover, our insiders can supply You with the following types of information:

  • Block reason screens
  • Related block screens
  • Account health internal screenshots
  • Suspended account block reason screens

Our customers can see their profile pages through the eyes of Seller Performance. These photos have all internal notes of support members and conclusions regarding your personal account and similar cases.

Based on this information, the chances of writing a successful appeal and providing the staff with necessary documents increase significantly.

Also, there are cases, when it makes no sense to continue fighting for an account, which also can be seen on screenshots. This can significantly save your time and, most importantly, the money that you could spend, for example, to buy a new account.


Mistakes happen even with large sellers. Just think like Amazon, try to understand their policies, and the main goal is to provide the customer with the perfect service. In most cases, the company gives sellers a second chance if they do it right.

However, each case is individual. While there is no single algorithm for solving problem of banning a profile page, but following our recommendations, you will increase your chances of winning. Today, there are even specialized lawyers in the US who are in charge of Amazon seller issues. 

But you have not to contact them or fly to them for issue solving. AMZ-Expert is a reliable broker and bridge between you and the Amazon team. With our help, you will get your Action Plan, analyze the ways of solving a problem and write a successful appeal, according to internal notes about your suspended account and block reason. More information about Amazon Account Letter Service from AMZ-Expert team is here.

Apparently, for high-qualified support, you must get in contact with our team directly. The AMZ-Expert team would be glad to dive deeply into your problem and give a reasonable solution. Fill in the form below to get in touch with us!

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:

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