Your Amazon seller account is suspended? You don’t know why and you don’t know how to reinstate it? We have successfully reinstated several hundreds accounts of our clients. We can also help you!

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Best Services

We are an Amazon marketing company that provides the best expertise to all our clients. Our team of Amazon experts has all the right qualifications to handle any problem you might encounter on Amazon. We help Amazon sellers effectively solve any problem that they may find themselves in.

Problem Solving

All the Amazon marketing services we provide are effective. Our group of Amazon marketing experts works closely with our clients. We aim at making our excellent services a trademark for all the clients we work with. Some of the things we focus on are the best ways to send a customer’s order and how to deal with a claim made by a customer on Amazon.

Guaranteed Help

If your account has been suspended, our Amazon marketing agency is guaranteed to help you come up with the best possible plan to appeal the decision. Our services are guaranteed to help you find a solution to your problems.

Quick Connection

We have a flexible schedule, which means there is always time to offer our marketing services for Amazon sellers. We can work with you for various periods of time, ranging from a few hours to long-term representation of our clients. This basically means you are in control throughout the entire process.

Personable Virtual Assistants

Some call them superhuman, We call them VAs

At Revirta, we hire US-based, detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance on the planet. All Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous, multi-step vetting process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness. Thousands apply, but only the best of the best get to call themselves VAs.

The Difference

Time spent actually working while clocked-in.

The average employee is wasting between 50%-80% of their day on non-work related distractions. Time wasted is money wasted, that’s money that could stay in your pocket simply by changing the way you assign your tasks.

Traditional Employee
Virtual Employee
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We care, we take a personalized approach to each customer, and our management team is never more than a phone call or email away.

Thank you for very quick answer and helping me to reinstate my Amazon account. Before contacting you I was trying to read on internet what to do when Amazon account is suspended. It was waste of time! Thank you for providing high quality, affordable services.

Evenile Bouquette

I would absolutely recommend you to choose Smart Amazon Seller team if you need a fast and professional help to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

Eduard Kaufman

Stop Wasting Hours And Start Assigning Tasks

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How It Works

How Revirta’s Personalized Approach Works

Getting started with a virtual assistant for the first time, building trust, and mastering the art of delegation are common concerns for all new clients, so our Client Success Team is always on hand to help you get started and to accompany you as your requirements evolve.

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  • 12 hours per month
  • 1 User Included
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  • 24 hours per month
  • 2 User Included
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  • 36 hours per month
  • 3 User Included
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  • 50 hours per month
  • 5 User Included
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We have successfully reinstated several hundred accounts for our clients. We can also help you!

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