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Sometimes it appears that a product is not as described in Amazon. This is not something new. Many Amazon item descriptions have been misleading and this can present a number of issues with the customer. So, if you received an email from Amazon that they issued a refund for the “Product not as described” FBA reason, do not get upset.
As a seller, what do you do if the product is not as described? Well, the AMZ-Expert team can help you with this question! When you decide to open an Amazon online store, you understand that your main goal is to appeal to customers to make purchases.
Therefore, when an Amazon product is not described as it should be, AMZ-Expert can help to add information to the product list to inform the buyer that you are aware that some products may be over exaggerated. The team will let your customers know that you have a solution if such a situation arises.
Our professional team will provide you with some ways to create more trust for you as a seller on the Amazon online platform. We can help:

  • To add the descriptions of your products if Amazon returns products not as described.
  • To take care of the issues related to returns and shipping back the misrepresented products.
  • To ensure your staff understands the plan of action very clearly, if you are not working alone.

The lack of provision guarantee can lead to unsatisfied customers which can provoke account suspension. We can help to solve such issues or, if you do not physically handle your store but, rather, work through the dropshipping model, we can provide you with all necessary information here, too.
If you want to learn more, you can contact AMZ-Expert and discuss any related questions with our team. Our services and consultancy usually result in more happy buyers and, furthermore, greater success. Additionally, we provide a guarantee of great services to our customers and develop a level of trust with each business. Our professional team always stays in touch with the customers to keep them informed 24/7!

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