Product Safety Appeal

Product safety violation is quite common and many sellers do their best to avoid it. A complaint about Amazon product safety can get a sellers’ account suspended, halting their business actions for a particular period of time.
In most cases, safety complaints arise when buyers receive products whose safety was compromised, leading to a reduction in the level of protection for the consumer. Amazon will proceed to suspend your account if you have a lot of safety violations and you will not be able to do business for a certain amount of time.
The AMZ-Expert team can help you cope with the above issue. AMZ-Expert can provide you with a product safety appeal that is the best option for a seller with a suspended account. With our help and the Amazon products safety complaints appeal, you can increase the chances of retrieving your account in a shorter period of time.
So, how do you get product safety complaints appealed with Amazon? AMZ-Expert will give you all the answers you will need in order to proceed. We have a team of specialists ready to provide the best consultations for you to be able to address your current problem. In order to make sure your suspension is appealed, our team will do the following:

  • Help you identify why the complaint against you was made;
  • Talk to you about the importance of product testing, especially if you make your own goods;
  • Look at your shipping practices to make sure they do not compromise the safety of your consumers;
  • Look at your commission or certificates that allow you to produce goods (if you own your own brand).

Once we have identified the factors that led to the suspension, we can then work with you to ensure you are able to make an appeal. You will also use this information to prevent any future suspension. The AMZ-Expert FBA service helps sellers on Amazon stay away from trouble and focus on their business!

A Team You Can Trust

Money back guarantee

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99,9% success rate

We will do our very best to reinstate you Amazon account as soon as possible. Our knowledge and experience helps us reach very high success rates.

98% clients rate our services excellent

Our clients like our professional and friendly approach. It’s not just the result that counts but also the process.

24/7 support

We are as close as one phone call or email away to help you in case your Amazon account has been suspended. No matter what time of the day or year it is, we work relentlessly without any breaks.

24 h average response time

If we are not working on reinstating other accounts – we are going to answer you even sooner. Sometimes it may only take a few minutes.

Knowledge and experience

As we were Amazon sellers we have great experience by ourselves when our accounts were suspended. Besides that we read the case studies of other sellers and we are up to date with information published by Amazon.

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