Our team consists of various people with different backgrounds who at some point in their life started their business in e-Commerce, and eventually on Amazon. We have a deep understanding of the principles behind this enormous marketplace, which helps us to design bespoke Suspension Appeal Letters for our customers and help them to start selling again.

We can offer a bespoke appeal letter designed in a way to include all the reasons behind the suspension and individualized actions for the fastest reinstatement of your Amazon seller account.

Absolutely no. We do know that many services out there provide their customers with the appeal templates, and such instances have been spotted even from some of the largest names in this business. We carefully examine the customer’s account including the customers’ messages, return reasons, ODR reasons, and more to understand the core issue behind the suspension. Then we design our appeal based on the information received.

The upfront fee is returned if we did not provide you the appeal letter within the 24 hours timeframe if the delay occurred through our fault.

We accept Visa or MasterCard, and PayPal.

You can complete the online enquiry form and we will then let you know if we can help in your case. If we can help then you will have to pay us a front fee of $500 before we will design your Amazon bespoke appeal letter, usually within 24 hours of the initial enquiry. We will provide further responses if Amazon require them at no additional cost.

It can take a few hours, a few days or sometimes-even weeks. The quickest reinstatement was 30 minutes however we have had cases where it has taken over a month of countless negotiation with Amazon.

It does not matter in most cases. We had cases when we reinstated accounts suspended months ago.

We are able to reinstate Amazon sellers in the majority of cases. However, there are suspensions connected with outright fraud, money laundering, or provision of the forged documentation. Those are the cases we do not work with, and this list is not final. We will notify you if we can help prior to charging the upfront fee.

If you have questions, please don’t be shy ?

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