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The steps taken to get a license from Amazon are quite specific, which is evident when creating a seller’s account. AMZ-Expert will help you here, and focus on account verification and the purpose it serves sellers on Amazon.
For many sellers, the decision to do business on this platform is not an easy one to make; however, the popularity enables businessmen to get more customers. The account verification process and AMZ-Expert support can also help sellers get payments directly from the bank accounts of their customers.
AMZ-Expert wants to make sure every seller is working comfortably. This means that the Amazon account verification process is always taken seriously by our team. The amount of security provided from verification can prevent any problems such as hacking, which is quite common.
In addition to this, your billing and shipping addresses may not be the same. In such circumstances, Amazon will inquire about documents that you need to provide for the upgrade, or your request to add a line to your setup. This is an additional way of preserving the integrity of your identity, and AMZ-Expert knows how to help you here!
AMZ-Expert will make sure your Amazon business account verification goes smoothly and will help sellers with a special Amazon verification code. This code can be sent to the seller by various methods including the following:

  • Personal Email
  • SMS
  • Voice call

Our team will help with requesting and sending the code via email or SMS. Sometimes, a seller will likely wait for a few seconds before they can verify their profile; however, there are some exceptions where the response can take up to 10 minutes.
If you want to add a line to an account, in this case, AMZ-Expert will help to send the code to the original account owner. If dealing with special modifications or upgrades, each line usually receives a unique code. Moreover, Amazon may lock you out of your account if you have two wrong attempts when entering the code; however, with AMZ-Expert, you will be able to cope with any issue!
AMZ-Expert will help you with another option you have at your disposal – making a voice call. If this is your choice when it comes to verifying your profile , our team will help you with a call on your current phone. You will receive clear instructions on how to perform the verification.
If you decide to verify your profile on your own, it is also possible that you will not receive an Amazon verification code email or SMS. If this happens, AMZ-Expert knows the best solution, and is ready to help you. You will not receive the code in the following cases:

  • Your phone number is incorrect;
  • You didn’t use the original account holder’s information; or
  • Your email address is not identical to the one linked to your account.

AMZ-Expert will help to receive the code and meet all the requirements. If you need to proceed with making a voice call, AMZ-Expert services will help you find the answers when it comes to how to do account verification on Amazon via phone.
We will provide guidance throughout the procedure and make sure that you get the verification you require. By working with us, you increase the chances of your store succeeding and reduce the chances of being suspended.

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We will do our very best to reinstate you Amazon account as soon as possible. Our knowledge and experiencфe helps us reach very high success rates.

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Our clients like our professional and friendly approach. It’s not just the result that counts but also the process.

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We are as close as one phone call or email away to help you in case your Amazon account has been suspended. No matter what time of the day or year it is, we work relentlessly without any breaks.

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If we are not working on reinstating other accounts – we are going to answer you even sooner. Sometimes it may only take a few minutes.

Knowledge and experience

As we were Amazon sellers we have great experience by ourselves when our accounts were suspended. Besides that we read the case studies of other sellers and we are up to date with information published by Amazon.

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