Amazon Monitor and Protect Service

Amazon business owners need help in protecting their sales from external threats – be it counterfeit vendors and dishonest sellers interspersing the marketplace or seemingly unfair and strict Amazon regulations. We present to you the solution – Amazon Monitor and Protect Service.
Customer feedback is the ultimate result of the business owners’ effort. Our Amazon Monitor Services solve the challenging issue of manual review tracking.
In addition, the AMZ-Expert team saves your account from suspension, as it may violate buyers’ rights or break platform rules. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before the marketplace takes action.
We know that account reinstatement is a thorny path without external help. That’s why we are here to prevent it!
On the other hand, we know that there’s a burning issue of counterfeit production for brand owners. There are dishonest vendors creating listings for products disguised as yours. Offering better purchase conditions, they win the Buy Box. Counterfeit practices drop your sales and spawn negative reviews.
The AMZ-Expert team is a group of professionals highly experienced in providing full 24/7 Amazon business support. This is why our services are the best:

  • We track and notify you about your seller performance. You can easily resolve any issue with a buyer or a listing if you do it immediately with the help of our notification system.
  • We detect product listing hijackers and put them in their place. No brand deserves abuse from any of these people!
  • We offer easy-to-manage and very intuitive software. Complicated and confusing user experiences will remain a thing of the past, when it comes to our services!
  • We charge affordable prices for our services. Every experienced seller can afford our packages.

AMZ-Expert is client-orientated. Just like Amazon itself, we strive to satisfy customers, first and foremost. Our goal is to implement efficient solutions in your Amazon business to drive more sales, along with boosting your seller performance.
Got any questions or want to partner up? Contact us now to discuss the details of our Monitor & Protect Service on Amazon and open a window of opportunities for a flawless Amazon business.

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