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Tired of seeing people buy your goods and resell them from separate Amazon accounts? Want to provide your customers with the best prices and a high quality of service? Or, maybe you wish to prevent unfair fabrications of your brand name from the start?
There is a solution – Brand Gating service. This puts restrictions on or completely forbids selling goods of a particular store by a third-party. Get your Brand Gated Amazon account right now with AMZ-Expert and forget about frauds!
Don’t let dishonest vendors pass your Gate protection and take advantage of your commerce. We will protect your Amazon store so that you keep your well-earned income and customer base.
Amazon is a trading ground for both consumer market tycoon-companies and regular vendors. This enables some individuals to dishonestly purchase goods of certain brands in wholesale quantities and resell them.
What is Amazon Brand Gating? This feature strips dishonest vendors of the rights and abilities to sell your products from their store, according to the Amazon Brand Gating policy. Wondering how to do Amazon Brand Gating in detail?
Reliable implementation of the feature is what we are here for – AMZ-Expert – your trusty authenticity-shielding team. We’ll implement a complex approach especially for your task of Brand Gating on Amazon. We will do the following to protect your business name:

  • Enter your brand into the marketplace registry (Amazon Brand Registry vs. Brand Gating are different things, but the Gating procedure isn’t possible without it);
  • Submit a request to Amazon to shut down your formulated list of dishonest vendors and ASINs;
  • Implement a set of additional manipulations for further positioning of your brand on the trading ground (e.g. register your label in accordance with USPTO, as getting a trademark will help confirm your exclusive right to sell products without involving an attorney).

Why do businesses choose us?

  • We put maximum efforts into preventing the distribution of your products by resellers and counterfeit vendors;
  • We provide our clients with the widest array of consultation services, including FAQs on legal commercial issues and copyrights of gated brands on Amazon;
  • We share our expertise so that you get insight into leading commerce according to the marketplace policies;
  • We do everything as promptly as possible so that you are able to solve any Amazon business issues in the shortest time possible.

Experience brand gating benefits – call us up or send a request via email!

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