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As a seller on Amazon, keeping your account functioning is your top priority. The success of your whole business depends on how well you conduct business to, ultimately, avoid account suspension.
Choosing to be vigilant in order to consistently improve the performance of your business is a great move; however, there is no certainty that your account will never be subjected to suspension by Amazon. Therefore, you will need a plan in case you are ever in a situation that results in account suspension.
AMZ-Expert’s service is designed to help sellers on Amazon. Our team of experts is highly specialized in writing effective Amazon appeal letters. We also provide consulting on how to write an appeal letter to Amazon, for those who would like to learn how to do it themselves.
Writing an Amazon reinstatement letter can be a bit tricky. For this reason, it is advisable to have someone in your corner who is well trained and understands the basic structure of an appeal letter for Amazon.
With our services, we will be able to tackle the following points in order to finally generate the Amazon suspension appeal letter:

  • Help you figure out why your account was suspended;
  • Help you evaluate your businesses’ selling practices;
  • Help you figure out what you can do to improve customer service, which is basically the cornerstone of your business;
  • Provide you with templates for appeal letters and several samples of appeal letters of Amazon account suspension;
  • Create a plan of action for the complete process and proceed to write the appeal letter for you.

Helping you appeal account suspension is an example of a custom service we provide to our clients. Other services are FBA related and include helping sellers get their product to the customers by using best practices. Our goal is to help business owners feel comfortable on Amazon.

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