Inauthentic Item Appeal

From time to time, even the best eCommerce gurus can fall foul of some arcane rules and wake up to a suspension of a profile, having issues with authenticity. The AMZ-Expert company can assist sellers and help solve issues regarding the inauthentic item complaints on Amazon as well as suspended accounts.
Moreover, the AMZ-Expert experts can provide the Amazon seller suspension inauthentic item consultancy. As a result, you will get improved customer experience. Our company can help to review the Amazon inauthentic item appeals, as we know:

  • How to identify and solve the above issue;
  • How to report inauthentic items on Amazon;
  • How to make and send an appeal email letter;
  • How to do a plan of action to work out things.

With the AMZ-Expert professional team, now it’s really easy getting information about general selling issues. It is really simply because Amazon experts are here to help you. Now, you can ask your question and get all the answers about:

  • Amazon reports inauthentic items;
  • Payment and refund processes;
  • Amazon policy and terms of use.

Additionally, it’s a common fact that you cannot trade or purchase inauthentic products on the Amazon platform. Therefore, if you receive the items from the manufacturer company, but the e-commerce platform affirms that you’re selling inauthentic items, the AMZ-Expert service can help you and assist by providing the evidence of claim checks or delivery notes from the suppliers to verify the data.
Additionally, the agency can help to check your current stock inventory and make sure that all the items are corresponding the requirements and compatible. If some of the clients will receive incomplete orders, or the buyer opens an A-Z claim, you can contact our team of experts and discuss all questions and problems regarding such activities. You will get the corresponding guidelines and professional advisers!

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