You remember it’s going to be mom’s birthday next week. So instead of going to the mall and line up on the counter, you immediately head on to to buy her a precious gift. No more hassle.

In just a few clicks, you have placed your order and made your payment. You expect the gift to arrive in the next three days.

On the third day, you expect for a parcel to arrive. But instead of a parcel, you got an email from Amazon that your order has been canceled.

Why? Why did Amazon cancel your order?

Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about: What are the reasons Amazon cancels orders and how to get your money back from Amazon canceled orders.


Reason Why Amazon Cancelled Orders

Your order has been canceled and you don’t know why. Well, truth to be told it’s not really Amazon that cancels your order, it’s the Amazon seller that does it. And there might be a reason for the cancellation of the buyer’s order.

If ever your Amazon order was canceled for no reason, consider one of the following.

Stocks Unavailable

While Amazon requires sellers to keep their stocks updated, they might also not able to replenish the items on time. Therefore numbers on their order page might not compliment the stocks on hand.

So by the time you purchase and place an order, no items are available for shipping. As a result, the seller can cancel your order.

Order Not Processed On Time

You can still place an order on Amazon even the item is still temporarily out of stock. You will receive an email as to when is the expected delivery date. However, shipment of the item might be delayed for several circumstances, which is beyond the seller’s control.

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In this case, Amazon can cancel your order.

Easy Ship Issues

Most Amazon sellers use Easy Ship to save on shipping cost. In order to avail the service, the seller must register and get an eligible pin code. However, some sellers encounter problems that result for them to cancel the client’s orders.

For instance, your location is serviceable by other couriers like FedEx and Bluedart. But it seems that Amazon can’t recognize the Easy ship pin code when seller requested for pickup.

What happens next is seller can either pay double to ship the item using their local courier or they just decided to cancel the order on Amazon.

Customer Address Is Vague

One of the reasons Amazon is canceling orders is because the customer provides a vague shipping address.

This means your address is too general for the courier to locate. So before the seller ships the item, they try to reach out to the customer via email for a change or update of address.

If within three days you don’t respond to the emails, seller automatically cancels the order.

Therefore, make sure you check your emails regularly especially if you have pending orders on Amazon to avoid delays and hassles.

Unrecognized Payments

If you’re wondering why did Amazon cancel your order, that’s maybe because of unrecognized payments. Once your order is pending for more than the stipulated time, Amazon seller has the right to not ship and cancel your orders.

All unshipped items due to the above cancellation reasons are eligible for refunds. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your card was charged for the order.

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How To Get Money Back From Amazon Canceled Order

If an Amazon order has been canceled, that simply means it wasn’t marked as shipped.

If an order wasn’t shipped, that means customer’s credit card was never charged with any amount.

Even though you’ll see a pending payment for Amazon, that pending status will fall off few days after the cancellation. The number of days to remove the pending status depends on the bank policies.

Technically, the seller has nothing to refund to the customer because they were never charged with anything.

The policy was stated in Amazon’s “charge when ship” guidelines.

Our Experience

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Final Thoughts

If you have issues with canceled orders and payment refunds on Amazon, make sure you speak with an authorized representative to help you resolve the problem.

But if you want to get away from the tedious process, feel free to contact AMZ-Expert.

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