Amazon launched Amazon Pay to help online shoppers shop and check out easily. This means, your customer doesn’t need to manually input their personal and payment information, which is somehow tedious, just to go through the transaction.

For Amazon seller, this is great. Using Amazon Pay helps them decrease abandoned carts because you don’t give your customers the chance to think twice or decide later whether to make the purchase later. This is because their details are saved and can be populated in just a few clicks.

While the majority of Amazon sellers want to take advantage of the Amazon Pay’s benefits, a portion of the population struggles to get access. Either because their Amazon payments account get suspended or their Amazon payments account got disabled.

If you are planning to use Amazon Pay or if you are already a user, this is something you might be interested. Today, we’re going to discuss common reasons why Amazon payment accounts get suspended. And you may want to double check on it so you won’t face the same issue.


5 Reasons Why Amazon Payments Account Get Suspended

One day, you’re trying to register for Amazon Payments. The next day, your Amazon Payments account has been suspended. That fast!

You don’t know the reason why. In fact, you just provided everything that has been asked. Your name, state, contact details, and others. But it seems like you’ve done something wrong. But you don’t have any idea.

If you’re in the same situation right now, the following might be the reason why your Amazon payments account was suspended.

You’ve Input The Wrong Data

Your personal information must match with your other credentials. Make sure you double check your details before requesting for access.

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If not, Amazon might see it as fraudulent activity. Someone might be using your information in an illegal way so they won’t allow you to go through the process. When this happens, it would be impossible for you to sign up for another account.

Wrong Bank or Credit Card Information

If you are an existing Amazon user, your credit card information must match your existing payment details. If not could be a ground for your Amazon Pay suspension.

Make sure your credit card and bank information are up-to-date so your account won’t get suspended or closed.

You Didn’t Comply With Amazon Pay Policy

Another reason why your Amazon Pay account can be suspended is that you didn’t comply with Amazon Pay Policy.

While you can use other payment options, it’s important that you consider Amazon Payment as your primary mode of payment. Make the Amazon button visible on your website so shoppers could see it when they fulfill their orders.

Aside from that, unable to comply with the A-Z claims can be another reason for your Amazon Pay suspension. This includes on-time shipment of orders, truthful product descriptions, and accessible return policies.

If you fail to comply on these, you’ll not only get suspended to use Amazon Pay but also get banned on selling on Amazon.

You’re Outside U.S

If you can’t get through the sign-up process then it must be you’re not in the country Amazon Payment operates. This payment feature is only available for several countries including United States, U.K, Austria, Japan, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, and Belgium.

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If you’re outside of these countries, you won’t be able to register for an Amazon Pay account.

Technical Glitch

You’ve done it all. You’ve checked your personal details and contact information. You confirmed that you’re in the right country. And you are confident you’ve not done anything against Amazon policy.

But still, your account got suspended. What happened?

Well for some reason, a technical glitch happens. Due to this, some Amazon Payment accounts might get suspended and one of them might be yours.

Make sure you contact Amazon customer service about the issue. And confirm if it’s really your your account they are trying to suspend. There are instances Amazon mistakenly suspend accounts due to technical issues on their backend.

While you can use other payment providers to accept payments, Amazon Pay is the best option among the rest. In order to use this Amazon feature, contact Amazon customer service and do the following steps.

How To Appeal For Amazon Payments Account Disabled

If your Amazon Payment account got disabled for any of the above reasons, don’t fret. There’s always a way out. When suspension happens, make sure you immediately reach out to Amazon customer service via phone call or email.

As part of their ongoing commitment to improving their customer experience, they always conduct a review of the seller’s account. When this happens, they put a temporary hold on the seller’s funds in their Amazon Payments account.

At the same time, they also ask for the following information, which you need to comply with.

  1. Your exact website address.
  2. A detailed description of how you intend to use Amazon Payments.
  3. Terms and Conditions or User agreement governing sales transaction.
  4. Applicable privacy and policy of your business.
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Providing this information can help leap your suspension. For more details, contact Amazon.

Our Experience

If your Amazon payments account has been closed, don’t worry because Amz-Expert can help solve your problem.

Through the years, we have helped hundreds of frustrated Amazon sellers with their restricted accounts so they could go back to business again.

You don’t need to go through the back-and-forth with Amazon customer service yourself because our team can do and arrange everything for you.

Our lawyers also know exactly the steps needed to solve this challenge so you won’t struggle any longer. We’ve encountered Amazon Payment issues several times and solved the problems with ease. So we are confident we can help resolve your problems, too.

Don’t let the stress of getting out of business to confuse you. Make the right decision by working with reliable and professional to handle your Amazon Pay issue.


Need help with your suspended Amazon Payment? Amz-Expert can help you reinstate your suspended Amazon Payment account so you can start using it on your business. Therefore, you make it easier for your customers to check out their orders.  Contact us!

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