What is ASIN on Amazon? The ASIN on Amazon (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is basically an alphameric code that consists of ten characters. Amazon uses this code to act as a product identifier (Amazon product ID). For example, B08DHC59B2 is an ASIN code you can use to search on your local Amazon shop.

It is used on both Amazon products and those of other sellers on Amazon. In short, if Amazon wants to find a particular item it applies this number to do so.


Importance of an Amazon ASIN

Now that we know what an ASIN on Amazon is, we have to ask ourselves why such a code is important for any seller on the Amazon Marketplace.

So, why should Amazon sellers care about the ASIN for Amazon products? Here are some of the reasons the ASIN matters:

  • It makes product identification very easy not only for you but for other individuals on the Amazon platform.
  • The ASIN on Amazon simply makes it possible for Amazon customers to get a precise result from their searches.
  • Any Amazon seller can use ASIN to look at specific keywords their competitors are using to generate sales. You can use this tool to improve your own product listings.
  • Amazon uses ASIN to help them keep track of all the products in their database. It uses all the information in catalogs to provide better customer experience for all its clients.

As you can see, the ASIN does not only benefit Amazon. Amazon sellers also have a lot to gain while customers also enjoy shopping on this retail platform. Additionally, not all versions have the same ASIN code, so that means there is no way for the Amazon platform to ship four different versions for everybody. It’s random; if you order four, you will get four random ones.

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How you can find the ASIN

You can find the ASIN by using two standard methods. The first way is the simpler method and requires you to scroll down on the page that has a description of the product you are looking at.

The product description above is for a pair of sneakers. If you look closely you will notice the ASIN just after the information about the weight of the package.

The second way to find the ASIN requires a keen eye but once you find it for one product, it won’t be difficult to find it for others. Let us look at the same product description:

You can identify the ASIN in the URL that is present on the top of your page. All Amazon products have the ASIN listed here. However, it is important to remember that some ASINs are not unique to a particular product and may be used to identify several. Therefore, do not be surprised to see a product with the same ASIN.

How to get an ASIN from Amazon

Amazon is dedicated to making sure customers get what they are looking for in the process of searching a specific product. If you want your products to come up in as many searches as possible you must make sure you get an ASIN.

What does this process involve? First of all, you have to identify the nature of your products. Let’s look at different cases:

1. Selling your own brand and products

If you are selling a unique brand of products you will be automatically given an authentic ASIN by Amazon. This process is relatively easy; all you have to do is give Amazon either of two codes. The first one is the UPC (Universal Product Code) and the second is the EAN (European Article Number).

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You may also be required to acquire another code known as a Global Catalogue Identifier (GCID), which can help brand owners to easily identify their products. This information can also play a big role in product tracking.

2. Selling goods made by another producer

In the second scenario, you are selling goods created by another manufacturer. In this case, you will likely have a lot of competition because all of the products made by that particular producer will have the same ASIN.

The ASIN can be taken from the product descriptions of your competitions (because you are selling identical products for the same price). We have already looked at where you can find this ASIN, all you have to do is copy and paste it later.

You can easily put this product on your page by going to your inventory page. In this case, you will have to do a lot more to increase the ranking of your online store because the ASIN is identical to that of other sellers on Amazon.

Summing Up

The most popular or best-performing goods on Amazon are sold by sellers who know exactly what they are doing. Amazon has made it possible for sellers to make the most of their products providing them with a lot of Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) services.

One of these tools is the ASIN number. We have looked at questions like what does ASIN stand for on Amazon and how to find item numbers on Amazon. This knowledge will definitely help you understand what you can add to your business to make it more productive.

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Additionally, the Amazon users should understand that the UPC, ISBN, EAN, and ASIN codes are different, especially if you want to sell in more than one country. This will help you to identify items easily and make the best measure of a company’s overall health.

If you are looking for more meaning to Amazon’s ASIN, AMZ-Expert will help you figure it out, as well as help to learn how to defend your startup from ASIN piggybacking and other more advanced processes. Our team of dedicated experts is ready to make sure your products get to a bigger audience by ensuring that you get your Amazon ASIN.

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