Amazon is a great platform to start your online business. With decades of experience under their belt and over 300 million people shopping with them, you can guarantee you’ll bring in profit to your business eventually.

Thousands of online sellers are trying to build their business on Amazon. However, not everyone is given the privilege to get in and sell their stuff. They have a strict and intensive process of signing in sellers, especially for those who want to sell under Amazon restricted categories. In fact, it requires a thorough, exhaustive, and expensive investigation to get ungated.

But despite the hassle and inconvenience to get your products ungated on Amazon, its worth the wait after all.


Understanding Amazon Ungating Services

Amazon started their business selling books. And to date, the marketplace has millions of products being sold every single day. Many of which you can sell immediately after you have created your account. While some have limitations and all under Amazon’s restricted categories.

These restrictions enable Amazon to asses sellers who want sell those restricted products and ensure they follow specific rules and guidelines. Some of these limitations are easy to overcome while the others are hard to get past to.

Why Should You Ungate Restricted Products?

The approval process for gated products is extensive and daunting. This is the reason some sellers, especially those small ones, opt to sell on categories not restricted by Amazon.

However, if you are serious about making business and want to get your brand big then ungating your Amazon account is the best choice for you. The process may look overwhelming but when done successfully could bring more profit and continuous cash flow to your business.

Once you’re inside, you’ll be welcomed with opportunities you wouldn’t get if you stayed selling in your ungated account.

Gated categories are less competitive therefore you can have more business advantage over the others. Moreover, you are given the chance to make business with only serious and experienced buyers, who wouldn’t bargain and haggle you with your prices.

And, most importantly, you’ll less likely to struggle with Amazon’s new rules and regulations that make the selling process complicated for new accounts.

What Product Categories Are Restricted by Amazon?

Amazon gives importance to customer’s satisfaction. They only want to provide the best service and experience for their market without the hassle of getting counterfeit and fake items.

Anyone who sells counterfeit and forged items are automatically suspended and banned from selling on Amazon. This is also to protect their credibility as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the United States.

As a result, they have restricted several categories to ensure the efficiency and validity of the seller and its offers.

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Not all Amazon product categories are gated but a certain few are. Amazon Seller Center has provided a long list of restricted products and here’s 5 of the most common.

  1. Health;
  2. Personal care;
  3. Beauty;
  4. Grocery;
  5. Clothing.

If your business falls into these 5 categories then you’ll be required to go through the process of ungating to ensure you are only selling legitimate and quality products.

Amazon wants to avoid knockoff, fake, and illegitimate items being sold in the marketplace as it can leave them negative feedback and impression, which may affect their overall standing.

Before you begin ungating, make sure your seller account has complied with Amazon’s requirements. This will help you expedite the process of approval for your Amazon listings.

  1. You should have a Professional Amazon Seller Account. A business Account costs $39.99 per month.
  2. You are in business with a legitimate and trustworthy manufacturer to supply you with sufficient stocks.
  3. You must have invoices of your recent transactions with your name and registered address in it.
  4. A return delivery address in the country where you are selling in case of shipment returns.
  5. A customer service representative adept at speaking your market’s local language.
  6. Lastly, you should have a good seller metrics. Meaning, your performance metrics shows less than 1% order defect rate, less than 4% last shipment rate, and less than 2.5 % pre-fulfillment cancel rate. Amazon staff will investigate and check your account. And, if they see you have outstanding metrics and service then it’s most likely you’ll get approval for your application.

If you meet all these requirements then you are likely to get approval for selling restricted items.

5 Steps to Getting Ungated on Amazon

Getting Amazon categories ungated is a tedious work. But when done right could definitely result in the approval of your application. Therefore, you can start selling and making money on Amazon.

There’s no sure strategy on how you can easily and instantly ungate restricted listings. But here are 5 practical and doable steps on how to get ungated on Amazon. Follow these and you’ll less likely to encounter problems along the process.

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1. Have a Solid and Established Reputation on Amazon

If you are new Amazon seller who would want to get ungated, it’s best if you start building your store under the ungated categories.

Amazon gives more attention to businesses who have built a solid reputation in selling in the platform. If you have enough proofs of successful transactions, positive customer feedback, and a high star rating, chances you’ll get their approval faster.

On the other hand, if you are just a new seller, just starting to set up your store with less to no guaranteed feedback, Amazon will ask you for your independent e-commerce website, where they can review your business.

If you don’t have then its best to open a new Amazon store and sell ungated products while building your reputation. 

2. Sell Well-known Brands

Once you are decided to sell on Amazon, start by offering brands and items already sold in the marketplace. This will help you expedite your application process.

Once your account is approved and your restriction is already lifted, you can now sell private label products in any way you want.

3. Purchase from a Reputable Wholesaler in the US

Amazon has a strict process in accepting invoices from overseas manufacturers. Therefore, it’s best to source your products from reliable manufacturers and wholesalers based in the US.

Buying from US-based manufacturers gives Amazon the confidence you will not run out of stocks. And you have ample inventory to sell your market.

If you are seeking approval for gated categories like beauty, health, and grocery then you may want to check US Grocer and Dollar Days.

4. Include a Copy of your Invoice

One of the important requirements for the approval of your category ungating application is your invoice.

Take note that Amazon doesn’t accept receipts and pro forma invoices. They only consider commercial and official invoices that come with your order. Send an actual paper invoice, either scanned or photographed, along with the ASIN on the email.

You can find the ASIN under the category where you bought your items. Go to the product description and take a screenshot of the ASIN, Item model number, and UPC. Send these details along with the invoice to the Seller Central team to check.

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5. Double Check Your Information

Before anything else, it is important for you to check your personal information both on the invoice and your Amazon Seller Central account.

Both accounts should declare the same information of your name, phone number, home address, and email address. Discrepancy on the details could delay the process of ungating.

Moreover, could cost you more money as you need to make another purchase just to rectify the errors in your personal information.

However, if you don’t have the time to do the nitty-gritty of the process, you can work with А to assist you in your application.

We offer professional Amazon category ungating services to help you get started selling on Amazon ungated listings and build your own company online.


Ungating restricted Amazon categories is essential if you want to make real business on Amazon. Following the rules and guidelines is important if you want to get approved as soon as possible.

Make sure you follow the steps and secure your documents prior to the application. It’s also essential to keep an eye on your emails and respond to messages promptly so you can get faster approval.

An Amazon representative will assist you throughout the process so you would meet Amazon standards and get accepted fast. They will provide you with feedback on the revisions needed so you’ll only submit the right documents for speedy admission to the Seller Center.

Also, consider the time and schedule you are sending your emails. It’s advisable if you send it in the morning as you’ll get to talk with a US representative, who has a vast knowledge of the issue. Otherwise, if you send later in the afternoon or evening, your email could possibly be managed by an outsourced representative.

If you don’t want to go these specific process yourself then it would be best to consider hiring an amazon ungating service. Contact us to get started.

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