Amazon is a great e-commerce platform to start your business and make money. In fact, many business owners have reached great heights in selling their items and goods online with Amazon marketplace.

However, success in doing online business is not just about having great products and offers. Rather making every transaction seamless and worthwhile. How can you do it? It is to avoid a to z guarantee claims filed by your buyers.


What is Amazon A to Z Guarantee Claim?

Amazon protects their buyers from major issues and illegitimate transactions. Therefore, they are covered by the Amazon A to Z Guarantee Claims to ensure they only receive the best service when making business transactions with an Amazon seller

Since Amazon is all after buyer’s satisfaction, the A to Z guarantee claims program guarantees support and assistance to customers. They are also qualified for a refund if their claims are proved legitimate and true.

On the other hand, sellers, who do not follow Amazon guidelines, may get suspended or terminated if proven liable for the claims. Therefore, if you want to continue selling in Amazon without disruption of A to Z guarantee claims then keep a keen eye on Amazon guidelines.

What are the Reasons for A-to-Z Guarantee Claims?

Customers are under the protection of the program and can get a full or partial refund of their money under certain circumstances. If you receive a message from Amazon about an A to Z Guarantee claim, possibly one of the reasons is h

  1. Your buyer made a purchase but the item did not arrive. It is also possible for the buyer to file a dispute if the item arrived late. They can already file a claim 3 days after the estimated delivery date or 30 days from the day you processed the order.
  2. Buyer received a damaged and defective item. They could also file a claim for misclassified and missing parts.
  3. If the buyer returned the item yet have not received a refund, they are already entitled to file a dispute.
  4. Also, if the seller disagrees to accept a return request even if it is stated in the Amazon Return Policy.
  5. Lastly, if the seller did not provide a prepaid return label, a return address, or a refund for items being returned.

If any of these circumstances happened, buyers can start appealing to A to Z Guarantee claims within 90 days of the estimated delivery date and get their refund.

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How to File a Claim on Amazon?

Buyers can contact the Amazon seller if ever any of the above issues arise. This allows the sellers to settle the problem within their level without the need to file for A to Z Guarantee claims.

However, if the seller did not respond within 3-5 calendar days after the customer emailed, Amazon customer service or the customer itself can already raise the claim.

It is also stated in Amazon protection that sellers should respond to all return requests and buyer queries within 24 hours. Delayed to no response results to A to Z Guarantee Claims.

Thirty days after the order date or 3 days from the maximum estimated date of delivery, buyers are already qualified to file a claim. Amazon will also make a proper investigation of the problem, which can extend the filing of claim up to 90 days or beyond.

Once Amazon received the dispute, they will immediately notify the seller of the claim details and will require them to respond within the next 3 calendars. Failure to respond to the email notification within 3 days will automatically mean the seller is at fault and the buyer wins the claim.

The marketplace will deduct the money from the seller’s account and make the necessary refund to the buyer. This would also lead to the seller ratings to drop.

This is the reason why you should prevent claims as much as possible. Amazon wants to protect their buyers from any unforgivable and negative experience from doing business with any Amazon seller. Instead, they want to create a marketplace built on trust and confidence.

Drop on your rating will result in negative impression from possible buyers and may result to lower sales. To avoid the a to z guarantee claims, it is necessary to become more responsive and cautious.

How to Avoid Amazon A-Z Guarantee Claims?

As we all know, A-to-Z Guarantee claim can affect your Amazon rating leaving you with lower sales then you have made before. Worst is your account can get suspended or terminated if ever you get consecutive claims from buyers.

Amazon’s main goal is to provide a great shopping experience for buyers. Therefore, in most cases, the buyer wins the claims. In this regard, make sure to stay away from Amazon Guarantee Claims by providing exceptional before and after purchase service.

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1. Sell Only Good Items

Make sure you only sell brand new items on Amazon. Buyers expect to receive good quality products so double check the parcel to ensure it is in a working condition before you send it for shipment.

To avoid buyer confusion, it is also necessary to have the right Amazon Standard Number (ASIN) similar with what is stated in the Amazon’s product Catalogue in your listings. Posting the right product images and descriptions, including product warranty, can also help in the decision making of the buyer. Check the marketplace guidelines to guide you with this information.

Doing this leaves you a small chance to receive an A- to- Z Guarantee claim.

2. Secure the Items

In order to avoid returns and claims due to damaged items, optimize your packaging to secure your products. Use cushioning materials like bubble wrap and styrofoam to give extra protection.

Apart from that, double check the item before you send it for shipping to ensure you are sending the right items to the right person. Doing this enables you to minimize returns as much as possible.

3. Provide Tracking Information

Keep your customers updated on the progress of the delivery. As soon as you have shipped the products, provide them with the tracking details so they would know where the items are already.

Amazon will automatically send your buyer with a delivery confirmation along with the tracking details. Through this, you and your buyer can easily track the item. So, in case of delivery failure or delay, you would know where the problem comes from. And you can immediately relay the information to your customer.

By keeping your customers updated on the delivery progress, claims will less likely to happen.

4. Be Prompt to Respond to Emails

In case of order and delivery issues, Amazon encourages the buyer to keep in touch with the seller to settle the issue privately.

Always check your inbox and respond to requests and messages as quickly as possible. Acknowledge the concern and provide an immediate solution. This way your customer knows you are with them in resolving the problem and they would not file for A to Z claim right away.

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However, if you didn’t respond within 3 days, your customer can already file an A to Z claim.

5. Refund the Money if Necessary

When you received a message from a customer about a certain issue like a faulty or missing item, find the time to probe and investigate. Identify where the problem surfaced and know if you were at fault or not.

If in any case, the problem is with you, opt to refund the money rather than to delay the resolution. Don’t wait for your customer to file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim as it will affect your overall rating as an Amazon seller.

It would be better to lose a small amount than to lose hundreds of dollars.

6. Work with an Expert

No matter how cautious you are in preventing unsatisfied customers from filing A to Z Guarantee claims against you, you won’t still predict when the worst will happen.

Several A to Z Guarantee claims could lead to your account to get suspended, or worse, terminated. If this happens, don’t settle.

Instead, find an expert to help you restore your account so you could continue to do business as normal. specializes in reinstating suspended Amazon accounts, whatever causes the sling. We have handled hundreds of suspended accounts due to A to Z Guarantee claims and have provided the best assistance so far.

This way, you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to get access to your account and start selling again.

Avoid A to Z Guarantee Claims as much as possible as it will affect your overall rating as an established Amazon seller. Keep an eye on the marketplace guidelines and always provide the best service for every customer you make business with on Amazon.

While we don’t know how will things go, it’s always best to be cautious at all times. More importantly, work with integrity and moral. But if the time comes you faced a problem with an A to Z Guarantee claim, don’t worry. is ready to assist you. Contact us for more details.

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