You are a great seller with high performance and selling rates. In that case, you should be familiar with such a remarkable opportunity as PayPal. Down below, our company AMZ-Expert will explain to you the main advantages of PayPal’s accounts and where sellers can buy high-quality verified USA stealth accounts (and not the only USA) cheaper and more secure than others.

Where to buy a verified PayPal account?

What is PayPal, and why is it so popular to buy PayPal business account?

PayPal is the most extensive debit electronic payment system. It is a provider of financial services, which enables free money transfers and online purchases. Since October 2002, it has been a division of eBay. Since the foundation of the company in 1998, PayPal has been leading in the field of electronic payment market.

In 2014, 4 billion operations were processed, 1 billion of which were done by using mobile devices. PayPal offers a more convenient and secure way to manage your money, as well as various payment methods and personal transfers. PayPal managed to build a global platform, which is represented in 202 countries, allowing sellers to receive payments in more than 100 world currencies.

In fact, in the form of a PayPal account, you receive a digital wallet at your disposal, with which you can make online payments. Money is debited from your current account later. That can be useful primarily in cases when the order does not reach the seller.

Frankly speaking, PayPal is a virtual wallet, which you can use only online, unlike the “real” wallet.

PayPal allows each user to pay for purchases and send money without revealing bank card details or other personal information. PayPal payments are also covered by the Buyer Protection Program, which now is working for 180 days from the date of payment.

The benefits of buying a verified PayPal account

Firstly, PayPal is global. By using this payment system, for example, a resident of any country can quickly pay in any online store in the world by any currency, and funds will be received in seconds;

The second is speed and simplicity. While making a purchase, you do not need to enter multi-line bank details or payment card details each time. It is enough to know the recipient’s identifier, and, according to a brilliantly simple idea, it corresponds to the email address, which the customer is used during registration;

Thirdly in order, but by no means in importance, is security. No one except PayPal will recognize your payment card details. After all, with leaving them in all the places, where purchases are made, you must agree, is quite unpleasant and dangerous;

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And, most importantly, PayPal protects most of the investments in stores, which are connected to it and, in case of problems with the seller, allows you to return your hard-earned money.

Also, PayPal is a powerful financial instrument, where all operations are carried out with “live” money, and not with “title marks”, as in the same Webmoney system.

PayPal account shop – the place with verified PayPal accounts for sale

What if you want to go back to the PayPal platform or get a high-quality profile, which can bring you high profits and a quiet job? You requested to the right address, because we, AMZ-Expert, can offer you a buy verified PayPal business account.

Where to buy a verified PayPal account?

What is actually the stealth PayPal account?

 They are highly certified, top-rated profiles, with which you won’t need to solve hundreds of problems and can start making money. The method of obtaining these accounts is described in the step-by-step guide, which was created several years ago by aspkin.

You will not need to re-read all that guide because after buying it, you will immediately have access to a short document, which we have created, where you can become familiar with the main aspects of using an account.

FAQ about using the verified PayPal stealth accounts

Now we invite you to read the most common questions from users and potential buyers.

1) In which country is PayPal account registered?

There are American, Russian, European accounts. It is also possible to create PayPal of any country by previous order, and please specify prices.

 2) Is the account verified?

Yes, all accounts are verified, identity is checked, and a bank account is added (not for withdrawal, but additional verification)

 3) How often will lockouts come to my profile, and what is the guarantee in the case of a lockout?

If you take care of your PayPal identity correctly, by following our instructions, we guarantee that the profile will last a long time. In the event of a lock, we change the profile entirely only if you have complied with all security rules, but the account is still locked.

 4) Any need to use VPN / PROXY / VPS / VDS?

Yes, the package comes with a free VPN service, with a dedicated IP under your PayPal (ideally is to buy VPS or VDS)

5) Is it possible to withdraw a card from a Ukrainian bank?

No, it is impossible to withdraw to Ukrainian banks

6) What are the limits of the account?

In Russian, that number costs $ 3000 a month, in the USA – $ 1000 a day, European accounts – 2500 euros total, after we load you a particular statement, and the limits grow up to 20,000 euros a year.

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 7) How is the withdrawal of funds performed?

Withdrawal of funds is going through trusted intermediaries, whose contacts we provide, commissions from 5 to 16%. (You transfer from your PayPal balance to the balance of intermediary, and it moves you wherever you are comfortable)

 8) Your PayPal accounts suitable for eBay?

Yes, USA accounts are best suited, as they are the most stable for transfers as for a product and a service (and on eBay, they pay in such way)

 9) Is PayPal correspond for sites like Etsy?

Yes, it fits

10) Is it possible to pay for purchases by PayPal on problematic US sites that do not accept non-US cards?

Yes, you can pay from balance.

11) How to replenish PayPal?

PayPal can be filled in through people, who sell on eBay, and they need to withdraw money, you transfer them to a card, they pay you to PayPal by the currency of the country (without commissions and interest). We will provide you the contacts of such people.

12) What are the commissions during transferring PayPal from another PayPal?

If the transfer is as for the goods and service, then it’s going without fees, if the transfer is as for friend between European accounts, there is no commission, also with no commission if you transfer money between USA profiles, in other cases a commission of 4%.

13) Is the phone number always assigned with the account?

The number is only transferred when you buy USA PayPal. Namely, it is a virtual Google Voice phone number, in other countries, you can receive an SMS if the stick requests. (You can have your phone number, and we will make an account right under your phone)

14) Will we have access to your profile after the sale?

No, you can change your password and email only when you will have access.

15) To whom are the accounts created? Real people or fake names?

All profiles are created on real citizens of the countries, in which PayPal is released, not in vain, our accounts are verified.

 16) Can I link my profile to my site?

It is possible, but not always. Sometimes it is asked to link a business account.

 17) Personal or business accounts?

Profiles are personal, but soon there will be USA business accounts.

Where to buy a verified PayPal account?

 18) Is USA PayPal eligible for eBay gift cards?

Yes, it is.

 19) Can money go into the hold for a fixed time?

Yes, they can, if you trade through eBay (money is not in the block, they will be available from 7 to 21 days, so eBay checks if you are a fair seller.

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 20) Are there any specific rules for using your account?

Yes, we pass them along with the sale of the account.

 21) Can I contact to account support as well as post-purchase account consultancy?

Yes, we always help and answer PayPal questions, even if you are not our customer.

 22) Is it possible to withdraw to a Payoneer bank account, or to attach a Payoneer card to pay for something?

It is not possible to withdraw to a Payoneer bank account. If you try to withdraw money, PayPal will immediately go to the block. You can connect a Payoneer card for additional verification of USA PP (PayPal will allow you to pay only for business accounts with a Payoneer card). The card will not be tied to Russian profiles, but the card is “eaten” by a European account, and it pays for it safely.

 23) New accounts? Or with operations before that?

All accounts are new, sometimes with a couple of months’ grace, created after your payment. There are no operations before.

 24) For the PayPal not to shoot more than once a year, but paid continuously and transferred, it sometimes has to be a little bit to roll, how exactly, we will tell after buying an account.

 25) Does the account name have to match with the name on eBay, Etsy, or any other marketplace?

If eBay or Etsy, then it is not necessarily a name match, as in many other services, but there are services where name verification is required.


The brainchild of Elon Mask, partner of the largest trading floors (eBay, Asos, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify), a service used by more than 200 million people in more than 200 countries. The very presence of the PayPal button on the website of the online store is a particular indicator of the quality of the seller. 

The reason for the widespread use of the service lies in the fast and uncomplicated payment process. When you use accounts, you get access to all of the above benefits by having a high-quality profile, which will serve you not only for one year and not more than a thousand dollars.

AMZ-Expert offers you not only a verified account but also a short guide to using (which comes free with the purchase) and ongoing support as well as post-purchase account consultancy.

Contact us at [email protected] We are always here to help!

If you have any questions or need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us:


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